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Owned and operated by the friendly faces of creative services agency The Jacky Winter Group, Lamington Drive was established in August 2008 as a gallery space dedicated to showing the work of those represented by the agency and beyond in a physical space.

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United Measures is a bespoke framing service operating out of the Compound Interest and provides all custom framing for Lamington Drive works on paper.

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New Blank Document is the in-house fine art printing service offered by Lamington Drive to the public and other arts organisations.

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30 Jul 16

Opening Night – Sweethearts by Phebe Schmidt

It was a great turn out for the opening of Phebe Schmidt’s Sweethearts – thanks to all who joined us.

The show features nine large-scale photographs and an installation, inspired by softcore porn and the archetypal heroine of Mills and Boon romance, examining common conceptions of beauty, gender and ageing as well as self-love and self-care. Schmidt’s characters perform for an anonymous multiplicitous audience rather than one (male) hero character. 

The crowd surrounded the large, velvety sweetheart bed in the centre of the gallery. ❤️

Sweethearts continues until Saturday August 6.

Love, LD

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