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Kate Pullen

The A to Z of Things
I've Pulled Out of
My Dog's Mouth

17 November — 1 December 2018

One day a girl brought home a staffy. Three years later we find ourselves in the midst of this A to Z, from the somewhat expected, to the slightly peculiar and the downright disgusting.

Through prints, a mural, wearable art, and a few interactive elements, Kate (and Vinnie) employ lettering, illustration, and slobber to celebrate those four-legged bringers of happiness that we humans do not deserve, whilst simultaneously marveling at just how determined, weird, and gross dogs can be.

All humans and dogs welcome, and stories of your own struggles to wrench open your pal’s steel-like jaws whilst they try to swallow half a block of Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations are warmly encouraged.

Join us Saturday November 17, 12-3pm for the opening celebration with the artist. Exhibition continues until Dec 1. 

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