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I'm No Speek English by Olana Janfa

I'm No Speek EnglishOpening Fri Nov 25, 6–9pmLamington Drive
By Olana JanfaExhibition closes Jan 2852 Budd St
--Collingwood 3066

Lamington Drive is pleased to present I'm No Speek English by Olana Janfa.In his debut solo exhibition, Olana explores themes of diasporic identity and status, presenting his unique view of life as seen through the various cultural lenses that shape his worldview.Born in Ethiopia, raised in Norway and now living in Melbourne, Olana channels a richly diverse stream of life experience and cultural influences into his work, gently probing how our language, race and status can influence
others' perceptions of us.
In particular, he is interested in how the 'migrant' label dictates one's experiences, opportunities and social status, and defines thier place within
the world.
Contemplating aspects of the migrant experience and celebrating his African-ness, Olana is refreshingly frank and upbeat about his experiences of race. Through his disarmingly direct, often humourous work, he invites audiences to enter his world, meet its characters – and perhaps even laugh – while also reflecting on what informs their own perceptions of migrants and Black people.The show consists of more than 40 original paintings on recycled timber, stretched canvas and found materials using acrylic and oil and pastel; a candid and playful study of personality-filled characters, distinctive hand lettering and astute social commentary.Olana Janfa is an Ethiopian-Norwegian artist based in Naarm / Melbourne. His prolific practice is self-taught and allows him to connect with his culture and express his identity proudly. Known for his vibrant and expressive paintings, Olana has worked on several large-scale murals including a basketball court for Nike among other commercial illustration projects. Most recently he collaborated with international fashion designer Nicholas Daley.

Photography by Sam Biddle

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