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Lamington Drive

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Owned and operated by the friendly faces of creative services agency The Jacky Winter Group, Lamington Drive was established in August 2008 as a gallery space dedicated to showing the work of those represented by the agency and beyond in a physical space.

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United Measures

United Measures is a bespoke framing service operating out of the Compound Interest and provides all custom framing for Lamington Drive works on paper.

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New Blank Document

New Blank Document is the in-house fine art printing service offered by Lamington Drive to the public and other arts organisations.

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14 Feb 20

Opening night – ‘Still Life’ by Katherine Brickman

Wowee, what a lovely night! Our first opening for the year did not disappoint. Full of family, friends and curious passer-bys, LD was pumping with chatter, beers and bodies.

We are super excited to be exhibiting the work of the talented Katherine Brickman, otherwise known as Greedy Hen, in her debut solo show ‘Still Life’. Katherine’s process is a mix of both digital and handmade. She works heavily with a scanner and printer. She’ll often draw, paint, or hand-cut elements and textures as well as existing references from old books, scan them in, and continue working on the image in Photoshop, printing and scanning elements until it’s complete.

Catch up on the excitement through these flicks from opening night. Big thanks to everyone who came down and got in on the fun!

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