07 Nov 14

Around Australia with Jacky Winter – Book Launch

Please join us at Lamington Drive Gallery to celebrate the long-awaited publication of ‘Around Australia with Jacky Winter’, the ultimate Australiana activity book. Illustrated by over 75 of our artists and image-makers, it’s been hard for us to keep our hands off it so be ready to fight your kids for a copy!

Have you ever wanted to join the street artists in Hosier Lane and paint one of the walls? Do you think you could design a better roof for the Sydney Opera House? Can you tell a rat from a quokka? What is a quokka anyway?

All will be revealed in ‘Around Australia with Jacky Winter’. Join Jacky Winter on a journey across Australia. Discover new places, meet native creatures, create lots of pictures (like really, lots and lots of pictures) and make the ultimate travel souvenir.

But who is Jacky Winter? Well firstly, a native robin – possibly the most adorable one around! But also Australia’s finest creative powerhouse: The Jacky Winter Group. This book is jam-packed full of fun activities from the likes of Oslo Davis, Beci Orpin, Megan Hess, Kat Macleod, Kelly Thompson and many, many more!

Designed for customisation with a keepsake pocket to collect mementos, whether they’re from the Top End or the backyard, big and little design fans will delight in the Australiana-themed doodling, designing, colouring in, crafting and games. From origami penguins to ice-cream creations, road trip bingo to backyard cricket, this is your go-to on cross-country trips for dire times when iPad batteries die or for occupying little minds on rainy days at home. Either way ‘Around Australia with Jacky Winter’ is a sure bet to keep kids enthralled…that is if design-savvy parents don’t get to it first.

Saturday November 15, 12-3pm
Children and pets welcome!

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