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Collingwood, Australia

03 8060 9745

James Gulliver Hancock

James Gulliver’s obsession with re-imaging his world has seen him work for major print, TV and music publishing releases. He has also participated in projects in the USA the UK, Indonesia, Austria, Germany, France and Australia, taking his whimsical perception around the world.

In 2000 he started SPACE3 gallery in Sydney with three friends, welcoming artists in the local community to exhibit in an ornate bank vault. He has traveled extensively; rolling in a typhoon in the sea between Japan and Russia he wondered how he’d save his sketchbook when the ship sank. He undertook artist residencies all over Europe and most recently has been in America where he has worked for clients including Dell Computers, Coca-Cola, Businessweek Magazine, The New York Times, Simon & Schuster and Herman Miller.

Currently he works out of The Pencil Factory in Brooklyn, New York, and from his homeland studio in Sydney, Australia.

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