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Karan Singh is an Australian artist living in Tokyo. While he studied interaction design at the University of Sydney and Malmö University, the self-taught artist has focused on visual arts for the past nine years, drawing inspiration from graphic design sensibilities and op-art minimalism. His bold and vibrant work is a constant exploration of minimalism, focusing on depth, dimension and movement through reduced palettes, patterns and repetition. Singh’s career has seen him based in a number of cities including New York, Malmö, Sydney, Melbourne and now Tokyo. His previous clients include the likes of IBM, The US Open, Samsung, Adobe and the band OK Go.

Select group and collaborative exhibitions include: ’Detour’ in collaboration with Ryunosuke Matsui, Midroi.so 2, Tokyo (2016); ‘Currents’, Sezon Art Gallery Tokyo (2016); ‘Golden’, Workshop, Melbourne (2015); ‘New York Affordable Art Fair’, Sugarlift Gallery, New York (2015); ‘Afterdark’, Sugarlift Gallery, New York (2015); ‘Confine’ in collaboration with Ward Roberts, Chasm Gallery, New York (2015); ‘ARTCRANK’, Brooklyn Brewery, New York (2014); ‘GIF Party’, Le Point Éphémère Arts Centre, Paris (2014); ‘Risographica 2’ Lamington Drive Gallery, Melbourne (2012); ‘Risographica’ Lamington Drive Gallery, Melbourne (2009); ’Ink This 3’, Coningsby Gallery, Leicester (2008).

Karan’s debut solo exhibition Potluck opens at Lamington Drive on Wednesday August 10 from 6-9pm. Show continues until Saturday August 27, 2016

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