a href="https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/52+Budd+St/">52 Budd Street
Collingwood, Australia

03 8060 9745

Kate Banazi is a Sydney-based, London-born silkscreen printer and illustrator. Kate’s work mixes photographic and hand-drawn imagery with texture and pattern, showing her strong graphic influences. Select solo exhibition include: ‘Native Topology’, Koskela, Sydney (2014); ‘Opening Orbits’, Koskela, Sydney (2012); ‘Neural Housekeeping’ Lamington Drive, Melbourne (2009). Select group exhibitions include: ‘Intersecting Agency’, R Cline Arts, Vegas (2015); ‘Aztecs’, Australian Museum, Sydney 2014; ‘Tandem Project’, Sydney (2014); ‘True Self’, GPO, Melbourne (2013); ‘Wonderland’, Amelia Johnson Contemporary, Hong Kong (2013); ‘True Self’, GPO, Melbourne (2012); ‘Risographica 2’ Lamington Drive, Melbourne (2012); ‘75 Peters’ Sir Peter Cook Portraits, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane (2011); ‘Noun Collective’, Gaffa, Sydney (2011); ‘Skullduggerous’, Pure Evil Gallery, London (2010).

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