a href="https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/52+Budd+St/">52 Budd Street
Collingwood, Australia

03 8060 9745

Kate Pullen is a Melbourne illustrator and letterer who can’t drink caffeine, making her choice of profession and home city seriously questionable.

In between sipping soy hot chocolates and scouring Netflix for the next engaging-but-not-too-full-on crime drama, Kate draws letters. They might be for a mural, a book cover, an ad campaign, or created live with girl group The Letterettes.

Kate’s aim is pretty simple: to use images and letters to communicate a message, to make people happy. They also provide an outlet for the almost-daily existential crisis (helloooo millennials) that continually swings between ‘You can do it! Aim high! You’re wasting precious time!’ and ‘Put yo’ feet up, you deserve a break, have a Kit Kat’.

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