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Collingwood, Australia

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Sean Morris is a Perth-born, Melbourne-based artist and curator. He works across a range of mediums, including comic-inspired digital drawings, pencils, watercolours, acrylics and large-scale murals. Morris has exhibited extensively around the world. Select solo/split exhibitions include: ’Return to Doom Lagoon’, Watdafac Gallery, Madrid, (2013); ‘Killer Abs Will Kill You’, Beach Gallery, London (2011); ‘Tendencies’, Bold Hype Gallery, New York (2011); ‘Maybe Forever’, Hibbleton Gallery, Los Angeles (2009); Select group exhibitions and festivals include: ‘Sugar Mountain’, VCA, Melbourne (2015), ‘Salad Days’, Alchemists Gallery, Cardiff (2014); ‘Gold Blood, Magic Weirdos’, Backwoods Gallery, Melbourne (2014); ‘Not for Rental’, 71A Gallery, London (2013); ‘Tonight, We Fight!’ New Image Art, Los Angeles (2013); ‘Far Away, So Close’, Bold Hype Gallery, New York (2013); ‘Kurt and the Gang’, KK Outlet, London (2013); ‘The Sketchbook Show’, Ashmore Gallery, Savannah (2013); ‘The Hours’, The Tate, Sydney (2012); ‘CMYK’, XVY, Los Angeles and STPLN, Malmo (2012); ‘Dude, Monsters!’, Think Tank, Los Angeles (2012); ’12X12’, Ambush Gallery, Sydney (2011); ‘New York Affordable Art Fair’ (Bold Hype Gallery), 7 West, New York (2010) and ‘Overgrowth’, Last Chance, Perth (2009)

Morris also runs the arts initiative Black Canyon Projects, and has curated six group art shows over the past three years. Most recently, he was asked to co-curate the new issue of long-running art magazine Kingbrown. His artwork has been featured in publications on five continents and he has illustrated for The New York Times, Grand Scheme Clothing, The Portland Mercury, Atlanta Magazine, Wooden Toy Quarterly and Little White Lies Magazine.

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