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We Buy Your Kids is Sonny Day & Biddy Maroney. The duo live and work in Sydney, Australia. Newtown, King St, to be exact. They began working together in 2006, making screen-printed tour posters for Popfrenzy Records and have expanded (mainly horizontally) to make artwork for many posters, albums, tshirts, magazines, the internet, the telly and the magic of YouTube. And a Jeep. And a beer bottle.

They have had solo shows in Melbourne’s Lamington Drive, Crate59 in Cairns and Sydney’s Monster Children Gallery and MTV Gallery as well as taking part in group exhibitions at China Heights and Monster Children Gallery in Sydney, Gorker Gallery and Robio in Melbourne, The Centre of Contemporary Arts in Christchurch, Cosh in London and Vallery in Barcelona.

Computer Arts magazine described their work as “Harsh Majical” and “Fresh As Fish In Restaurant”. They like to draw pictures about witchcraft, mishaps, misdemeanours, and voodoo. They have made a lot of work about cats. And one of ODB’s disembodied radiating head.

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