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12 Mar 20

Update to exhibition schedule!

Dear friends of Lamington Drive — Due to the current public health advisories, we have decided to postpone Nathan Nankervis’ ‘Smile’ which was scheduled to open on March 20. Updated schedules for all gallery events will be posted in the coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding!

14 Feb 20

Opening night – ‘Still Life’ by Katherine Brickman

Wowee, what a lovely night! Our first opening for the year did not disappoint. Full of family, friends and curious passer-bys, LD was pumping with chatter, beers and bodies.

We are super excited to be exhibiting the work of the talented Katherine Brickman, otherwise known as Greedy Hen, in her debut solo show ‘Still Life’. Katherine’s process is a mix of both digital and handmade. She works heavily with a scanner and printer. She’ll often draw, paint, or hand-cut elements and textures as well as existing references from old books, scan them in, and continue working on the image in Photoshop, printing and scanning elements until it’s complete.

Catch up on the excitement through these flicks from opening night. Big thanks to everyone who came down and got in on the fun!

Summer nights

Friendly faces

Gallery minglin’

Good times

Big hugs all round

Perfect weather for a back alley bev

Big thanks to our beer sponsors Atomic Beer ProjectGage Roads Co

Taking in the details


07 Jan 20

Risograph Bushfire Fundraiser

Like many others, it was hard to go back to business as usual this week in the wake of all the horrific ongoing bushfires across the country. ⁠
Apart from our own cash donations, we’re also hosting our own fundraiser. For the rest of the month of Jan 2020, 100% of sales from all Risograph prints from our previous ‘Risographica’ fundraising shows and beyond will be directly going to a different bushfire charity each week.⁠
Buy either online at jwg.is/fundraising or in person from the gallery in Collingwood. There’s dozens of unique prints to choose from (including the piece shown here by @carla_mcrae)⁠
As an added incentive, for this week only (6-13 Jan) we’ll be throwing in a free lucky dip Riso print for each sale made. ⁠

20 Dec 19

Opening night – ‘Mascots’ by Cat Rabbit & Andrea Innocent

This was hands down one of the cutest opening nights our walls have ever seen. With small plush mascots lining our walls and  colouring sessions in the corner, there was something for everyone. And the best part – a full size bird costume for visitors to try on!

‘Mascots’ is a collaborative show by Cat Rabbit and Andrea Innocent that explores everyday anxieties. Combining their passions for textiles and illustration, this exhibition is brimming with love and creativity in the form of characters that inspire all those good feelings. Throw in some tasty lamies and cold beers, this night was a blur of fun times and plush goodness.

Big thanks to everyone that made it down to welcome these little guys!

Love LD

Welcoming party!

The gallery was bustlin’

Matchy matchy with the art.

Bird man.

Cheers to our sponsor Gage Roads Co for providing the best bevs

It’s all in the details

Zen corner.

08 Nov 19

Opening night – ‘Spring-Time 4’

Wow what a night that was! The gallery was packed with bodies literally spilling out into the laneway and street front, embracing the warming spring weather. With bevvies in abundance and chatter bouncing off the walls, what a way to kick off our latest exhibition ‘Spring-Time 4’.

‘Spring-Time 4’ is a celebration of the dreamy season that is Spring, curated by the ever so talented Melissa Grisancich. Showcasing a broad spectrum of mediums from 19 women artists, this show is truly a visual delight.

A massive thank you to everyone who came along. Our walls have never felt so full!

Love LD


Cheers to Melissa for putting together a great show

Google street view

Refreshments c/o Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Laneway hangs

So much to see!

Fun times!

18 Oct 19

Opening night – ‘Reverist’ by Kat Macleod

What a lovely evening! With the gallery packed to the brim, drinks were poured, lamies were munched and conversation buzzed in admiration of Kat Macleod’s latest collection ‘Reverist’.

Inspired by the human form in a state of thought, Kat combines her love for the female figure and botanic shapes with unconscious moments of contemplation, creating a collection of work that truly leaves you in awe. The level of detail, thought and love that goes into each piece is impossible to ignore and must be seen up close to be believed. Using a combination of pencil, watercolour and sewing, they really are a visual treat.

Cheers to all for making the night such a success!

Love LD

The gallery was buzzin!

Taking in the details

Gallery catch ups

Smiles all round

Daisy getting in on the fun

Gage Roads Brewing Co. at it again with the best bevs

Discussions with the artist herself!

11 Oct 19

Opening night – ’66 days’ Lamington Drive Residency

Anyone who followed our highlighted story reel on insta would’ve gotten a glimpse into a day in the life of our four resident artists, busily hustling for 8 eventful weeks in the lead up to their group show, 66 days.

Ryan A. McShane, originally from QLD, liked Melbourne so much he moved here permanently at the end of the residency! Lush greens, earthy browns and high vis orange filled his colour pallette when painting scenes inspired by the orange trees and memories from Menton, France.

April Phillips, NSW-based Wiradjuri-Scottish artist, educator and mother of two. Exploring multiple mediums she covered a multitude of analogue and digital techniques. April worked towards a series titled ‘Figures’ which explored characters who externalise emotional states, embody trauma, and mirror the human experience.

Nina Elliott, a Melbourne based illustrator, aims to capture ordinary moments and present them in a purposeful way. Nina built up two different and equally beautiful series along the way – one of monochromatic scenes and one of casual poetry written in playful soft type.

Tara Whalley, a clothing and textile extraordinaire, filled our space with her vibrant colour palettes and wall of painted houseplants. As hand-painted works inspire her textile collections, ‘Everything is Special’ was a chance to see her work in a different context and her beautiful lush imagery left its mark on every plant lovers heart.

With so much talent buzzing within our walls, it was no surprise the opening night of the resultant group show ‘66 days’ was a raging success! With so much to see/discuss and even more to consume (free drinks/lamies anyone?!) it was a night not to be missed.

Thanks to all who came along and got in on the fun. And to our beloved Ressies: good on ya, great work, we miss you already!

Love LD

(Install view shots by Tatanja Ross / @on_jacksonstreet | Opening night shots by Nicholas Manton / @_nickmanton)

Welcome to 66 Days!

Nina busy at work

Tara in the zone

April working with felt and glass

Ryan doing his ‘high vis’ thing

After 8 weeks of working away… the opening night!

Smiles all round

Fun for the fam

Nice frames!

Art pals

Real good vibes c/o our beer sponsor Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Thank you Ressies!

31 May 19

Opening Night – ‘A Little Hat on You’ by Mogu Takahashi

Ahh what a night, and a lovely one at that! How bout these delightful photos too… What a crowd at Mogu Takahashi’s opening – the phones were literally ringing off the hook to lock down artworks before we even opened our doors. Mogu’s a popular lady to say the least, and she flew from Tokyo especially. During her stay with us, Mogu completed the remainder of the works for this show on site. There’s even a special Lamington Drive office doggo painting, titled ‘Reception’, which we LOVE. ‘A Little Hat on You’ showcases her playful, original paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by unique shapes found in flora and fauna. The show has been so well received and we know it’ll bring you plenty of joy.

Photos by Nicholas Manton / @_nickmanton

The hero piece!

This guy, soakin’ it all up.

Hmm.. which one shall I buy?


Drinks a’ flowing (and the conversation)

Happy to be here thanks to Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Admiring ‘With IKEA Bags’.

Packed out.

A fine collection.


Thanks to everyone that came down! Love LD x

31 May 19

Opening Night – ‘Cheeky Boy’ by James Fosdike

Wowee, what a cheeky night! We were stoked to host the legendary James Fosdike’s first solo show and boy what a treat. The self-proclaimed, ‘cheeky boy’ delivered the perfect amount of naughty which conveniently coincided with Melbourne’s International Comedy Fest. You simply can’t help but crack a smile while feasting your eyes upon a Fosdike piece. Opening night saw loyal fans gather. The alarming level of detail, colour and relentless hilarity is hard to ignore. Revel in these flicks from opening night. Sponsored by Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Beer and lammies. Say no more. Cheers Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Yeah, I’ll drink to that.

Fosdike fans.

The infamous ‘Dick with Eyes’.

Getting a closer look.

Smiles all round.

Deep in analysis.

Thanks for having a laugh with us friends! … until next time ;)

29 Mar 19

Call for Applications – Lamington Drive Residency

The Jacky Winter Group are currently inviting expressions of interest from emerging illustrators and image-makers to work in-residence at our gallery, Lamington Drive.


The primary purpose of the 8wk residency with LD is to give emerging illustrators and image-makers a chance to create new work in a traditional gallery environment and to allow them to interact with the public in new ways. From works in progress to finished art, an open studio to exhibition.


The Lamington Drive Residency will run from Fri June 7 – Fri Aug 2. The duration of the Residency will be 8 weeks with 4 participants working simultaneously – consisting of on-site production and exploration (open to the eyes of the public) culminating in an exhibition mid August.

Lamington Drive is open Wednesday-Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday 12-5pm each week. We would expect that residents will be available to work on-site at the space during gallery hours at the very least 50% of the time. The gallery will not be available to residents outside of gallery hours. The gallery will be open to visitors for the duration of the residency during gallery hours.

Key Dates

– Applications close: Fri May 10.

– Successful applicants notified: on or before Fri May 17.

– Residency begins: Fri Jun 7.

– Residency exhibition opening: Wed Aug 14, 6-9pm.

– Exhibition runs: until Sat Sep 7.

– De-install: Sep 10-11.

What is offered
There are four spots available for the Lamington Drive Residency. The artists selected will be provided a white walled gallery space to work from, a desk and chair, access to wifi and power, and full use of the gallery walls. They will also be offered the opportunity to sell their work directly from the gallery if they wish. Any sales of work must be managed by the resident directly in the manner they best see fit. The gallery will not be taking a commission on any sold works during the 8wk residency.

Residents will be asked to create new work and be expected to display works in progress on the gallery walls, in compliance with the specified gallery install guidelines. This document will be provided, along with a gallery floorplan, prior to residency commencement.

Residents will be autonomous, working predominately through their own self guided and initiated projects with the opportunity for some consultation with the gallery staff to decide on the outcome of the residency and culminating exhibition.

What to bring
Residents will be required to bring all their own materials associated with their practice.

Lamington Drive is located at 52 Budd St, Collingwood VIC 3066. Interstate applicants please note, there are no travel or accommodation expenses included.

How to apply
Keen? Please email your folio and a 200 word expression of interest for consideration to shena@lamingtondrive.com by COB Fri May 10.

Photography by Tatanja Ross / on_jacksonstreet

29 Mar 19

Opening night – ‘Fever Dreams’ by Brolga

We were jam-packed for the opening of Brolga’s first solo show Fever Dreams. 

Brolga debuted his hyper-colour collection of painted originals, textiles, a giant inflatable and a glossy toy design. This new body of work was inspired by years of restless travel and an obsession with overlooked street signage. Brolga is never not sparking joy with his pop-style aesthetic and daydream doodles which were so beautifully and expertly executed in his works on canvas.

Cheers to everyone who joined us! The show continues till Sat Mar 23.

Good times.

Gerry Wolf poking out of the crowd.

Such a bright show!

Brolga’s Bowling Pins feeling a bit claustrophobic 

Sausage with a face

Horace Snake watching over the crowd

Our BFFs from BFF

Thanks for coming everyone! What a fab night.

13 Feb 19

Opening Night – ‘Memory Banquet’ by Carla McRae

Big thanks to everyone who joined us for the opening of Carla McRae’s solo show Memory Banquet.

Friends shared a bevy whilst soaking up Carla’s beautiful, vibrant work. Conversations buzzed of childhood memories and how tasty the meals in Wallace and Gromit looked! The gallery was packed, with bodies spilling out into the back lane to soak up the warm December air.

Carla’s beaut show explored the memorable and delightful meals from the cartoons of her youth through both oil pastel drawings and tactile wooden sculptures. Embedded in her mind through repeated views, for Carla, these humble meals have become more memorable than the narratives surrounding them.

Cheers for joining us for this visual feast!

Image credit: Install view (#1-3 and final) images by Tatanja Ross / @on_jacksonstreet

Carla’s lil bread friend baked fresh ;n’ ready to greet our guests.

The riso printed inspo poster was a hit!

Packed to the brim!

Carla discussing snacks.

Sunshine splashing in.

Beaut night for it!

Making memories.

Talking shop. 

Picnicin’ 1

Picnicin’ 2 

Thank you for coming everyone! See you in 2019 :)

05 Dec 18

Opening day – ‘The A to Z of Things I’ve Pulled Out Of My Dog’s Mouth’ by Kate Pullen

To celebrate the launch of ‘The A to Z of things I’ve pulled out of my dog’s mouth’ by Kate Pullen humans and dogs alike flocked to LD on a sunny Spring Saturday arvo. Vinnie, Kate’s staffy (and star of the show) was in attendance and a very good boy considering all the excitement. The show depicts all the items Vinnie has tried (and sometimes succeeded) to consume.

The centre piece of the show is kate’s large-scale hand painted mural which pops with colour and half eaten imagery in celebration of all things loved and lost to our favourite four legged friends. There was also a range of prints (one for each letter of the alphabet) retail items, and other hidden gems.

In addition Dog Photog popped up one the second weekend of the show, turning the gallery well and truly into doggo HQ as Heather and Dan photographed pooches alongside Kate’s aptly themed show.
(Photographs 1-5 by Tatanja Ross / @on_jacksonstreet)

Looks like Vinnie chomped the flyers as well!

Kate, Tim and Tina talking shop.

A beaut sunny day for doggos and their humans.

What has Vinnie been chewing on? These brave visitors put their hands in the mystery boxes to find out!

Kate and Vinnie took a moment to appreciate their hard work and test out the fancy beds!

Just a long doggo taking it all in.

So. many. QTs.

Fun times had by all! Thanks for coming, guys!

19 Nov 18

Dog Photog Christmas Pop Up – Special Event

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Dog Photog Christmas! 

This year Christmas will be held at Lamington Drive to coincide with Kate Pullen’s show, ‘The A to Z of things I’ve pulled out my dogs mouth’. Featuring all new props and custom costumes, with a hint of 70’s folk, 80s glam and classic Australiana.

This year they will also offer two backgrounds and the chance to purchase souvenir cards designed by renowned Australian artist Alice Oehr, as well as classic Christmas cards featuring your photos.

Photoshoot Hours –  Friday Nov 23 12.30 – 4.30, Saturday Nov 24 12 – 5. Sunday Nov 25 12 – 5 by appointment.

Bookings and more info here

09 Nov 18

Opening night – ‘Unauthorised Touch’ by Freya Jobbins

A big thanks to everyone who joined us for the opening night of Freya Jobbins’ solo show Unauthorised Touch!

A fantastic series of humorous, provocative and slightly disturbing plastic assemblages and prints. There was also a performance element with Freya’s wearable artworks walking around on some of the guests!

Cheers for coming by! And if you haven’t yet, Unauthorised touch runs until 5pm on Sat Nov 10!

Beaut Spring rays beaming through the LD windows onto the beaut attendees. 

Art friends! 

Gigi with wearable work! 

Good times had by all.

Having a chat and having a squizz.

Life of the party.

More legends.

Freya throwing sparkles around the gallery. 

Another colourful vision wearing Freya’s work!

Nice night for it! 

Finito~~~ Thanks for swinging by y’all, we’ll see you next time!

02 Nov 18

Puzzle Tournament – ‘Make Piece: The Art of Puzzles’

As part of Make Piece: The Art of Puzzles nine teams in total went head to head in our public puzzle solving tournament!

In HEAT ONE we had teams EnigMaher (Catie and Brigit), Puzzled and Confused (Louis and Alana), Team in Pieces (Emily and Ruby) and The Renegades (Alex and Louise). In record time, the Renegades went home with gold!

In HEAT TWO we had Co, co and co (Brooke and Penny), Puzzle pre drinks (Georgia and Joe) and Hughes of Colour (Danielle and Hugh). This match was insanely close, Co, co and co almost took the win but Hughes of Colour came out on top!

HEAT THREE was a close one with two teams forgoing the AFL Grand Final in lieu of a more exciting grudge match –Piece da Resistance (Juliet and Jane) v Confuzzled (Sasha and Daniel). Snatching the win, Confuzzled went through to the Championship round.

The CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND was an intense one, with a harder puzzle (1000 vibrating colours) we had The Renegades, Hughes of Colour, and Confuzzled fighting for gold. Coming out on top, the Renegades took the win in 2 hours and 40 minutes! More than just a giant 5000 colours puzzle, they won eternal glory and our respect.

A big thanks to everyone who puzzled with us!

Team EnigMaher got the memo!

team Piece da Resistance puzzling

Ain’t no party like a puzzle party! ft.team Confuzzled

No time for chit chat, these Puzzlers are puzzling hard and fast!

The Renegades feat. team captain Alex and side kick Hope, just before they were coined the Champion Puzzling Legends

Action shot from the Championship round

The HEAT ONE winners Alex and Louise stoked on their trophies

HEAT TWO champs Danielle and Hugh from team Hughes of Colour with their finished puzzle!

Daniel and Sasha from team Confuzzled HEAT THREE winners!

And thats a wrap! Big props to all the puzzlers and everyone else who popped by to see the show!

11 Sep 18

Puzzle Tournament – ‘Make Piece: The Art of Puzzles’

As part of our upcoming exhibition, Make Piece, LD is pleased to present a three part show of puzzles, more puzzles and a public puzzle solving tournament! The first element in this venn-diagram-of-a-show, features Clemens Habicht’s newest entry into his Colour Puzzle range, the 1000 Colours Wheel. It also sees the launch of the new Jacky Winter Signature Edition puzzles, featuring artworks by Kate Banazi, Marc Martin and Karan Singh. Rounding out the exhibition is Habicht’s PUZZLED FACES, an illustrative exercise in collaged puzzle artworks. Large solving areas will be set up for visitor participation and play during the week, with a public puzzle solving tournament happening on each Saturday for the duration of the show.

Two person teams for the first three heats, four teams per heat. The wining teams from heats 1–3 will receive a 1000 Colours Puzzle (choose between the original, Halftone and Vibrating) and a spot in the Grand Final to win eternal glory and your choice of a 5000 Colours Puzzle or 1000 Changing Colours Puzzle

     Sat Sep 22 – Heat 1,
      1000 Colours Puzzle, 12:30pm start

     Sat Sep 29 – Heat 2,
      1000 Colours Puzzle, 12:30pm start

     Sat Oct 6 – Heat 3,
      1000 Colours Puzzle, 12:30pm start

     Sat Oct 13 – Grand Final,
      1000 Vibrating Colours Puzzle, 12:30pm start

Bookings essential, first in best dressed! Email info@lamingtondrive.com for more info and to register your interest!

24 Aug 18

Opening night – ‘Lucky Dip’ by Dowel Jones

Melbourne based design duo Dale Hardiman and Adam Lynch, founders of our favourite- Dowel Jones, brought Lucky Dip to the gallery this week! Converting the space from gallery to gift shop, they created a series of objects, concealing each of them within a sea of boxes for lucky participants to unknowingly claim.

Within the vibrantly painted red walls, participants experienced a new shopping and exhibition experience outside of traditional confines. We had a line of lucky dippers out the door on the opening night, waiting to choose either a $20 or $50 Lucky Dip ticket, and then claiming a box to call their own.

We’re sure that we aren’t the only ones excited for Sat Sep 15 to come, the big unveiling of Lucky Dip prizes!

Thanks to every one for the good company!

(install shots by Kristoffer Paulsen / @kristofferpaulsen)

Lucky Dippers sussing the gallery for a box to call their own. 

We’ve spoken so much about the Lucky Dip boxes, but we haven’t given these Dowel Jones prints the recognition the deserve! 

Some lovely lucky-dippers.

Kathryn claiming her beloved box. 

Monica and Blayne waiting for a box to beckon them! 

Some sneaky Dippers trying to get Adam (one half of the Dowel Jones duo) to spill the beans on which box contains which item (hint: Adam isn’t spilling any beans). 

Full house at the Lucky Dip gift shop.

Crucial Lucky Dip instructions.

Ren Inei our pal from Boom Gallery chatting with our other pal Paul. 

Lots of Patient lucky dippers waiting to get their tickets! 

Mika, George and Tom are feeling lucky.   

So many boxes, so many possibilities! 

Twenty one days only!

Cheers you guys!

September 15 feels like a life time away.

Good times c/o Dowel Jones and everyone that made it out!

And that’s a wrap on the night! Show continues till Sep 15 so there’s still time to take the dip!

20 Jul 18

Opening night – ‘Papershrine’

Bringing together home-grown and international superstar creatives, Benja Harney and his Paperform team have visually transformed the gallery into an immersive paper shrine filled with creativity and intrigue.

Creating a vibrant, textural and fun environment for the cold Melbourne winter, this show was an adventure into paper-cuts that we have never seen before! Exploring alternative processes to most of the artist’s normal practices, there are an array of sizes, shapes and colours based on the artist’s personal expression.

Thanks for good company and good vibes!

Mika, Sarah and Li were on their way to the origami world championships but then it folded – they ended up here instead

45 masks by 45 superstars

Praise thy paper 

Doggo admiring Magda’s top notch doggo art- Thanks for coming down Forever Friends Animal Rescue, head to their page to check out some more cuties that need some lovin’ like this guy!!  

Some friendly faces and cheesy grins 

Enjoying bevs and banter

More QTs

Four Papershrine legends!

Everyone had a cool time

More paper mask admirers 

Our new pals Viv and Sophia from Orenda Mag

Vanessa aka @hellomrgrasshopper of paperform and a mate

You shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses but you should throw parties for Papershrines

Live streaming for the interstate and international artists!

That’s a wrap! (on the recap and the paper puns) Big thanks to Benja, all the artists and everyone that came out!

06 Jul 18

Opening night – ‘Market Fan Club’ by Evie Cahir

Evie Cahir’s exhibition Market Fan Club is filled with colourful delights inspired by daily trips to the Queen Victoria Market, giving a taste of bright, warm tones amidst one of Melbourne’s coldest Winter’s!

Market Fan Club champions the shapes, colours, sounds and smells of the maketplace. We officially crown each attendee of the opening night honorary Market Fan Club members ~ according to the CEO benefits of the fan club include : certainty of free-play and fun, ability to confidently engage in a game of light and shadow appreciation, developing life-long friendships with seasonal fruit and vegetables and many more!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us!

 Platinum Market Fan Club members

The incredible Evie, creator of ‘When the Sun Hits Your Eye That’s A-Bellissimo’ 

“What a beauty, I’ll grab that Banoonie!”

‘Feeling Good, Feeling Fine’ with Evie’s fam

‘Banoonie Slingin’ and ‘Persimmy Bs’

S2S and mates havin a laff

Head cheerleaders

Ty Starward Whiskey for providing the bevs

Cheers for coming out for some pre-Solstace sunshine


31 May 18

Opening Night – ‘Death Metal Hands’ by Sonny Ken & James

Death Metal Hands is a collection of new paintings and drawings from three of eastern Australia’s finest illustrators/artists: Sonny Day, Ken Taylor and James Jirat Patradoon! 

James’s work lines the entire length of the first wall, a series of razor sharp ballpoint drawings depicting a hypersexualised rogues gallery. Ken’s three ornate oil paintings draw you in, then follow you with their eyes. Sonny’s acrylic paintings feature various self portraits, dangerous predators and poetic (and lengthy) titles.

What a ripper night! Thanks to everyone who made it down!

The gallery filled with friendly faces.

James, Sean, Li, Maddie and Benjamin having a cool time

Dream-team Sonny and Biddy (aka WBYK) matching their outfits and drinks.

Getting around James’ ballpoint drawings.

When the art looks back at you with two faces…and Sonny is also in the room.

Young Henry’s supplied the bevs. 

Colin (left) is moving to NSW but he came by for one last drink at LD. Bye friend! 

Tofu has decided to diversify his art collection and his winter wardrobe. 

This is Ken’s back. We didn’t get a good photo of him but he was there alright.

Look at that detail!

Party out the back. Thanks to all who braved the cold and made it down!


26 Apr 18

Opening Night – ‘Risographica 4’

‘Risographica 4’ celebrates a number of things all at once. That 48 supremely talented Jacky Winter artists came together in one show, exploring the medium of the A2 2-colour risograph print. The show marks the fourth instalment of our (almost) triennial charity group show and this year all proceeds for the duration of the show go to support local legends, Children’s Ground – a bold, community-led organisation established to break the cycle of extreme disadvantage in First Nations communities and support them to achieve their aspirations for the next generation of children. The next reason is a tiny brag, we’ve recently procured our very own in-house Riso duplicator (Australia’s only A2 machine) and to put it to the test we thought we’d better get our hands inky and break it in right! Final thing, it’s no coincidence but we’ve just launched LD’s printing service newblankdocument.com which is available to the public and fellow arts organisations for giclee printing, vinyl cutting and of course our fave, riso-ing. 

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the opening – what a night!

Photography by Taylah Moore.

Floor to ceiling art is best paired with bevos and lamingtons.

Our new Jacky Winter Field Guides made it down too. 

This is Joan – she loves art and naps.

Dogs admiring art. People admiring dogs.

Andrea spotting her piece across the room.

Clara is shocked by the talent on display. Li always knew it would be a hit.

Crowd of legends. 

Clara (far right) still not over it. 

And thats a wrap! Thank you to all who came, and to each incredible artist involved. YOU RULE xx LD

01 Mar 18

Opening Night – ‘Freshly Wrapped’ by Alice Oehr

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our first opening of 2018 – Alice Oehr’s ‘Freshly Wrapped’. It was a buzzing evening with great company – what a way to start the year!

The exhibition is a colourful array of gigantic fruit pieces in Alice’s signature style, reflecting the happy faces throughout the room! The playful characteristics of Alice’s work were reflected in a range of silkscreen specialty prints which explore the excessive use of plastic wrap used frequently in supermarkets for fruit and vegetables.

Make sure to check out the show – open Wednesday – Saturday until March 24th! 

30 Jan 18

Opening Night – ‘Away With Words’ by Gemma O’Brien

Thankyou to everyone who joined us at our last opening night of the year for ‘Away with Words’ by Gemma O’Brien!

The night was a warm summer evening with good vibes, great colours and plenty of Hawaiian party shirts celebrating the end of the year and a new exhibition! The exhibition is a collection of signature works by artist, typographer and illustrator Gemma O’Brien, surveying her practice over the last five years. With coloured pastels contrasting against the simplicity of black and white, the show features a detailed mural, vinyl decals, limited edition prints as well as original pieces. The show is a fun, vibrant collection of the artist’s unique style.

Thank you to everyone who has visited our new space and supported us throughout the year, as well as the artists involved – here’s to a great year ahead!

(Header and mural crop images by Tatanja Ross / @on_jacksonstreet)

01 Dec 17

Opening Night ‘Les Chiens’ Group Show by Dog Photog

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us for the opening of ‘Les Chiens’ exhibition, put together by Dog Photog Studios – especially the puppers that joined us. The warm spring evening drew a dog-loving crowd, with dog bowls, wines and Sample beers cooling off the evening, providing the pawfect match to fun, pet inspired works. The works in the show were a playful tribute to our furry friends, with a pop-up french themed, dog photo studio ready to go for the weekend.

Artists include: Alice Oehr, Esther Olsen, Evie Cahir, Heather Lighton, Max Blackmore, Minna Leunig

Now… time to look at cute dogs!

Love LD

06 Nov 17

Opening Night — ‘Unattainable Rainbows’ by Beci Orpin

A massive thanks to everyone who joined us for the opening of Beci Orpin’s show Unattainable Rainbows.

The show features large-scale, wooden cut-out wilting flowers, a self-portrait silhouette with a window, a mural of sensory overload and an array of painted wooden placards with sombre messages like ‘I am not a believer’ and ‘look deep’. Featuring Beci’s own ‘Unhappiness Boutique’: an arrangement of paintings showcasing material objects Orpin once obsessed over and bought in her desire for instant gratification.

Complete with its own confession booth, the show invites visitors to write down their own ‘unattainable rainbows’ at the opening and through the first week of the show. Beci will then create new works to add to the Boutique, informed by the public’s lustful confessions of coveted luxuries.

Massive thanks to our pals at Balter Brewers and The Drinks List for keeping the crowd topped up and refreshed throughout the evening.

Unatainable Rainbows is currently open to the public and runs until Saturday November 18, 2017.

Love LD

(Install view images (first and last) by Tatanja Ross)

06 Nov 17

Opening Night — ‘Long Way Home’ by Marc Martin

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for the opening of Marc Martin’s show Long Way Home. Held on a beautiful Spring evening, the show drew quite a crowd, including a dog or two!

In this series of lush original watercolour works, Marc Martin invited us to wander through the streets and landscapes of places-in-between. Inspired by his own roaming of unknown streets and suburbs, this was a show about enjoying the moment, taking in your surroundings, and experiencing the journey – no matter how long it takes to get home.

Cheers to another great show!

Love LD

18 Oct 17

Looking Glass Digital Drawing Sessions

Lamington Drive is proud to announce Looking Glass, a new series of digital life drawing and observational still life drawing events.

Each participant will be provided with a 12.9″ iPad Pro + Apple Pencil for the duration of the two hour session, during which time we will be using the Procreate drawing app to go beyond the existing mediums and tools of traditional life drawing classes. Session activities will vary from more structured activities to completely independent exploration and will vary depending on the show in the gallery.

Sessions will run fortnightly from Thursday October 12 until March 2018. Be sure to follow Lamington Drive on Instagram for all updates.

For classes listed below as ‘life drawing’ we’ll provide a life model (nude figure) and for classes listed as ‘still life drawing’ the sessions will be observational with subject matter drawn from the current exhibition, as well as, additional props.

Our upcoming sessions are as follows:

-Thursday October 12, 6.30–8.30pm – Life drawing

-Thursday October 26, 6.30–8.30pm – Life drawing

-Thursday November 9, 6.30–8.30pm – Still life drawing

-Thursday November 23, 6.30–8.30pm – Still life drawing

-Thursday December 7, 6.30–8.30pm – Life drawing

-Thursday December 21, 6.30–8.30pm – Still life drawing

-Thursday January 11, 6.30–8.30pm – Life drawing

-Thursday January 25, 6.30–8.30pm – Still life drawing

-Thursday February 8, 6.30–8.30pm – Life drawing

-Thursday February 22, 6.30–8.30pm – Life drawing

-Thursday March 8, 6.30–8.30pm – Still life drawing

-Thursday March 22, 6.30–8.30pm – Still life drawing

Bookings and more info via http://jwg.is/drawingfromlife

Looking Glass Digital Drawing

Fortnightly from Thursday October 2017 until March 2018.

Lamington Drive
52 Budd Street
Collingwood, VIC 3066

16 Oct 17

Nat Turnbull’s ‘Gesture’ and the launch of Looking Glass!

Thanks to everyone that attended one of our Looking Glass observational still-life drawing classes recently! The first four classes of the season were expertly led by Melbourne based designer and artist, Alice Oehr. There were so many beautiful and unique interpretations of Nat Turnbull’s installation ‘Gesture’. Nat’s show explored movement and shape in reference to the human body.  Purpose-built for Lamington Drive and Looking Glass, Nat transformed the gallery using colour, form, light and shadow, to offer the perfect launchpad for observational drawing and documentation and the beginning of the 6-month fortnightly sessions.  Safe to say quite a few people left addicted to the technology. xoxo LD

Install image by Sam Wong


19 Sep 17

Looking Glass – Digital Still Life Drawing

Lamington Drive is proud to announce Looking Glass, a new series of observational still-life digital drawing events.

Each participant will be provided with a 12.9″ iPad Pro + Apple Pencil for the duration of the two hour session, during which time we will be using the Procreate drawing app to go beyond the existing mediums and tools of traditional life drawing classes. Session activities will vary from more structured activities to completely independent exploration and will vary depending on the show in the gallery.
To launch our program, we are beyond excited to welcome acclaimed stylist and art director Nat Turnbull to Lamington Drive with a series of works entitled ‘Gesture‘. Purpose-built for Lamington Drive and Looking Glass, Nat has transformed the space using colour, form, light and shadow, to offer the perfect launchpad for observational drawing and documentation.
Our first four sessions are as follows:

Wednesday, September 20, 6.30–8.30pm
Saturday, September 23, 2–4pm
Wednesday, September 27, 6.30–8.30pm
Saturday, September 30, 2–4pm

Sessions will continue fortnightly from Wednesday October first until March 2018. Be sure to follow Lamington Drive on Instagram for all updates.


Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to bring my own iPad/Tablet?
Nope! We will provide everyone with a 12.9″ iPad Pro + Apple pencil. Please note you will need to leave a copy of a current Photo ID to be provided with an iPad. If you wish to BYO device, that is of course fine.
Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
How do I get to the Gallery?
Public transport is your best bet, with the Smith Street trams a two minute walk. Limited off-street parking is also available in the area.
Will chairs or seats be provided?
We will provide camping chairs or stools for all participants.
What if I don’t know how to use an iPad or Procreate?
For those new to the hardware or software, basic instruction will be provided on site from a dedicated tutor, however we would suggest an entry level knowledge to iOS as a prerequestite. Basic iPad Tutorials can be found here. More information on Procreate is available here.
Do I have to show my work to other people?
All sessions will end with a short group critique which is completely optional. (But really, that’s one of the best parts!)
Can I get a copy of my work after the event?
Indeed! You can email yourself a copy of your work at the conclusion of the event.
I have more questions!
That’s okay! Email us at info@lamingtondrive.com

About Natalie Turnbull and ‘Gesture’
Natalie Turnbull is a stylist and art director. Inspired by how form and function are used to communicate an idea, she strives for a crisp and minimal aesthetic that allows the subject to speak for itself. ‘Gesture’ is an exploration of movement and shape in reference to the human body. New viewpoints are revealed when navigating through the space, giving rise to a shifting tension and beauty. The space is created to allow for an intimate experience between the viewer and the objects.

About our Tutors
Alice Oehr is a designer from Melbourne. Her distinct colourful style incorporates her love of food, pattern, collage and drawing. Many of her ideas have made their way onto textiles, homewares, magazines, books, and even once as a series of 6ft tall Ancient Egyptian statues for a marquee at the Spring Racing Carnival. Alice’s work has been sought-after commercially by clients local and international.
Danielle Galessi is a Psychologist and practicing artist. She has studied at the Adelaide Central School of Art as well studying sculpture and academic figure painting and portrait painting at the Florence Academy of Art. Digital drawing has been her recent focus and new obsession.
Jason Solo is an illustrator and designer based in Melbourne and originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. After beginning in industrial design in 2002, Jason’s worked across an array of creative fields, including animation, publishing, advertising and graphic design. Solo’s clients include The Discovery Channel, Telstra, Apple, GQ Mag, Allen & Unwin, The Economist, Wired Magazine, Officeworks, General Motors, and Arts Centre Melbourne.

11 Aug 17

Opening Night — ‘Cooked’ group show

A big thanks to everyone who joined us for the opening of ‘Cooked’ — a group show of contemporary ceramics, curated in collaboration with artist Jane Sawyer, director of Slow Clay Centre.

‘Cooked’ drew a large crowd of legends who carefully moved about the delicate ceramic objects and assemblages on display. Wines, beers and lamingtons were enjoyed by all, but not as much as they enjoyed the mix of illustrative, graphic works and the narratives about hotdogs and forbidden deserts.

Artists include: Andrei Davidoff, Dawn Vachon, Grace Brown, Kenny Pittock, Madeleine Thornton-Smith, Mechelle Bounpraseuth, Susan Robey and Tai Snaith.

Cooked runs until Saturday August 19th, 2017.

Love LD

Photography by Tatanja Ross

15 Jul 17

Artist Reception – ‘Contemplación’ by Alma Ayón

A big thank you to those who joined us for the opening event of Alma Ayón’s show ‘Contemplación’.

Contemplación is an invitation to spend some minutes fully immersed in the present moment. For the past 17 years, Alma has drawn on her diverse training in architecture, visual arts, Western psychology and Eastern meditation practices, to revive the tradition of contemplative art.

This series of stunningly minimalistic paintings are a natural expression of her contemplative practice — representative of silence, space, awareness, simplicity, concentration, peace, mindfulness.

Contemplación is currently open to the public and runs until Saturday July 22, 2017.

Love LD

10 Jul 17

Opening Night – ‘Shameless’ by Ellen Porteus

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for the opening of Ellen Porteus’ show Shameless. It was a buzzing evening shared with awesome company — a fantastic start to the new space!

The playful show focused on the awareness of Ellen’s own self-obsession, insecurities and the idea of the marketable, crafted persona. Experimenting with new materials such as neon, silk and perspex the collection of pink, red and orange pieces cast a warm glow over the crowd, both projecting and celebrating self obsession in contemporary culture. 

Massive thanks to our friends down at Bodriggy Brewing Co. for sponsoring the event. Cheers to a great show! 

Love LD

23 Jun 17

Opening Night – ‘Kill Your Darlings’ by Guy Shields

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the opening of Guy Shields ‘Kill Your Darlings’. It was a wonderful evening shared with some great company — we couldn’t have imagined a better last show before the big move.

Kill Your Darlings is a collection of 19 original cover artworks completed by Shield from 2012 through 2017 for the Australian quarterly publication of the same name. The works highlight Guy’s passion for storytelling and his exceptional ability to capture narratives across a range of subjects and moments in a single-frame. Drawn from his own fly-on-the-wall style, Guy’s fascination with people and nature entices viewers to get lost in atmospheric environments or vignettes of a stranger’s life. These carefully built scenes showcase the beauty in the seemingly mundane, provoking intrigue and familiarity through engaging colour palettes.

Massive thanks to show partners Prism Imaging and our friends down at Bodriggy Brewing Co. for sponsoring the event and keeping the crowd topped up and refreshed throughout the evening.

Cheers to another killer show!

Love LD

08 Mar 17

Opening Night – ‘Rope-A-Dope’ by Esther Olsson

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us in the freshly painted forest green gallery for the opening of Esther Olsson’s ‘Rope-A-Dope’. It was an amazing turnout and we hope you all had as much fun as we did celebrating our first show for the year.

Rope-A-Dope commonly refers to a boxing technique. For Esther it is also a life tactic – absorbing and processing situations before attacking them. The show consists original paintings of gouache on paper depicting diary entry-style images reflecting on themes of fighting back, having a cry, fearing confrontation, and her personal representation of power. Amongst these detailed pieces were a number of more paired back paintings of swamp-like creatures as well as smaller hand-cut wooden pieces of some of the reoccurring symbols in her work.

Massive thanks to the local legends at Bodriggy Brewing Co. for sponsoring the event and keeping the crowd happy and hydrated on such a balmy evening!

‘Rope-A-Dope’ runs until March 25!

Love LD

16 Dec 16

Opening and launch – ‘Nestling’

It was wonderful to see everyone at the ‘Nestling’ opening and product launch. The combination of art, lamingtons and a children’s drawing corner made a fun afternoon for those young and old.

Artists featured include Rilla Alexander, Nancy Liang, Beci Orpin, Eirian Chapman, Andrew Joyner, Tommy Doyle, The Letterettes, Grace Lee, Lachlan Conn, Jane Reiseger, Kat Macleod, Carla McRae, James Gulliver Hancock, Ben Sanders, Craig and Karl.

Stay tuned for what’s on next year and happy holidays!

Love LD


Install shots by Tatanja Ross

11 Nov 16

Performance event – ‘Seen and not seen’ by Dylan Martorell

Dry ice, colourful experiments, live music sets and lamingtons!

The gallery was transformed last weekend with screenings of Dylan Martorell’s videos, and mesmerising performances by Judo Bronze, Lichen Kelp and Matthew Brown. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the afternoon – we hope you found it as insightful as we did.

The exhibition runs until Sat 19 Nov so there’s still time to drop by and check out Dylan’s works and all the wonderul props and gadgets from ‘Seen and not seen’.

Love LD

08 Oct 16

Opening night – ‘Calamine’ by Lauren Bamford and Stephanie Stamatis

What a fantastic turn out for the opening of ‘Calamine’! The gallery was painted pink and filled with happy onlookers with rosé on one hand and pink lamingtons in the other.

‘Calamine’ is a collection of photographic prints by Lauren Bamford and Stephanie Stamatis. This series of studio still life experiments marries the artist’s photography and styling practices, exploring lighting techniques, form, composition and patience.

The shows runs till the 15th of October, so be sure to check in before then!

Love LD

17 Sep 16


Thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate the launch of Marc Martin’s LOTS – A book about everything and everywhere for everyone. Almost.

The accompanying exhibition was indeed a fact-filled adventure for curious globetrotters, young and old.

Love LD

09 Sep 16

Still Life Drawing with Emma Leonard

On the final day of her solo exhibition, ‘Places I’d Rather Be’, Emma Leonard hosted a free, casual still life and observational drawing class. Thanks to the great group who spent a sunny afternoon of fun, drawing with Emma among the beautiful blooms of her solo show.

03 Sep 16

Opening Night – ‘Places I’d Rather Be’ by Emma Leonard

A big thank you to everyone who made it to the opening of Emma Leonard’s solo exhibition titled ‘Places I’d Rather Be’. What a great show to welcome Spring!

‘Places I’d Rather Be’ is a contemplation on wanderlust- and boy were we lusting! Emma’s collection of new originals and limited edition prints graced our gallery and caught us dreaming of flowers in the wind, faraway destinations and epic adventures.

The show runs till September 17, so be sure to daydream with us before then!

Love LD

19 Aug 16

Opening Night – ‘Potluck’ by Karan Singh

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the opening of Karan Singh’s ‘Potluck’. It was an amazing start to the show and we hope you found luck and wisdom in our fortune cookies.

‘Potluck’ is Singh’s debut solo exhibition and his works explore the visual language and symbology of superstition.  The collection of brightly coloured limited edition giclee prints adorned with luck based gestures, objects and icons had everyone feeling like a pot of gold! Smiles were all around the room as fortune cookies were opened and stories were exchanged.

‘Potluck’ will run until August 27, so get in before then!

Love LD

30 Jul 16

Opening Night – ‘Sweethearts’ by Phebe Schmidt

It was a great turn out for the opening of Phebe Schmidt’s Sweethearts – thanks to all who joined us.

The show features nine large-scale photographs and an installation, inspired by softcore porn and the archetypal heroine of Mills and Boon romance, examining common conceptions of beauty, gender and ageing as well as self-love and self-care. Schmidt’s characters perform for an anonymous multiplicitous audience rather than one (male) hero character. 

The crowd surrounded the large, velvety sweetheart bed in the centre of the gallery. ❤️

Sweethearts continues until Saturday August 6.

Love, LD

24 Jun 16

Opening Night – ‘A billion frames per second’

Colossal thanks to all of you who came down for the opening of A billion frames per second!

It was awesome to celebrate the launch of Jacky Winter’s new agency Gif Horse and to share the work of it’s super cool roster Crispe, Ellen Porteus, Fashgif, James Jirat Patradoon, Julian Frost, Karan Singh, Lachlan Conn, Nancy Liang and yelldesign. We loved seeing the GIFs come to life as you scanned static works with the AR Layar app. So future.

A billion frames per second runs until July 2nd so there’s still plenty of time to come down and check it out!

Love LD



20 May 16

Opening Night – ‘Role Models’ by Timba Smits

Big thanks and high fives to all those who came down to check out the opening night of Timba Smits’ solo show Role Models – a series of exquisite portraits!

The gallery was filled with the smell of buttery popcorn, celebrity and of course, you fine folk. Great turn out for a great show. Featuring an all-star cast including Tom Hanks, Bill Murray, Uma Thurman, Arnold Schwarzenegger and more. Who wouldn’t love being surrounded by our favourite actors, each multi-tired with iconic characters they’ve played.

Role Models keeps rollin’ till Sat June 11.

Love LD

P.S. Opening night shots by Andy Hatton

23 Apr 16

Opening Night – ‘Still.’ by Carla McRae

Big thank you to everyone who came to check out Carla McRae’s wonderful solo show Still. on its opening night!

The collection of pigment marker on paper originals, 3D wooden objects, large-scale murals, a self published zine and a limited edition print all radiated positive vibes on the night while the work’s exploration of the ways in which we find and access feelings of calm, rest and focus made for a mindful and of course enchanted crowd.

We love Still.’s familiar settings, characters, bright colours and bold, geometric shapes and were so happy to share it with all the lovely peeps that came down to see it on it’s first night.

Thanks for coming!

Love LD

P.S. Installation shots by Tatanja Ross

01 Apr 16

Opening Night – Residential Development (LDR²)

Lamington Drives second ever residency saw the gallery become home to four emerging artists  Antra Švarcs, Janelle Barone, Oliver Page-Dutton and Sarah Canning. The culminating exhibition ‘Residential Development’ (LDR2) was the result of weeks of the four illustrators creating new work and interacting with the public/each other – all heading towards the common goal of creating an exhibition. During the residency the gallery acted as a makeshift open studio; four desks, power, Wi-Fi and works in progress gradually filling up the white spaces of the walls as the artists worked. The materials, tools and works in progress added another layer of studio detritus, granting access to an aspect not always seen by the public or followers of their work.

The final exhibition of  hand-painted originals, paper collages, digital and screen-based pieces, sculpture, hand-drawn sketches was a great success. Big thanks to everyone who came down!

Love LD

10 Feb 16

Opening Night – ‘Under Nightshade’ by Kat Macleod

Thanks to everyone that came to the opening celebration of Under Nightshade by Kat Macleod – a collection of new works on linen exploring deep sleep and the botanical world. Marking our very last opening for 2015, it couldn’t have been a nicer summer evening to celebrate.

The gallery was looking lush, filled with fresh flowers by Natasha from The Sage Garden in complimentary hues to those of the beautiful originals on show.

What a year!

Love LD

(Images by Jess Harris)


06 Nov 15

Opening Night – ‘Risographica 3’ Exhibition

A huge thanks to all who came to the opening night of Risographica 3!

The sun was shining, the prints were selling and the drinks were flowing.

The opening of the third installment of the (almost) biannual Risographica Exhibition saw 28 of Jacky Winters’ finest artists explore the grainy and great medium that is Risograph printing. All prints for Risogrpahica are printed by Caldera Press – above image taken by Eamon Donnelly.

The A3 2-colour prints are limited to an edition of 10 and all at a mere $50. Also, all proceeds for the duration of the show are going towards Oxfam’s International Crisis Fund – supporting the response to humanitarian crises worldwide. These beauties are selling like hot cakes so visit the gallery before the 7th of November to pick up your very own Riso, right!


18 Sep 15

Opening Night – ‘Shape Up’ by Georgia Perry

Vibrant cut outs and posters, glasses of prosecco and a sense of movement and energy filled Lamington Drive  for Georgia Perry’s debut solo exhibition, titled ’Shape Up’!  The show sees Perry fearlessly layer bold and bright colors within posters and layered wooden shapes – so shape up and head down before the 10th of October to soak up the energetic vibes!

18 Sep 15

Opening Night – ‘Find Me a Castle’ by Beci Orpin

The walls of Lamington Drive were transformed into bright and colourful look-and-find style activities for Beci Orpin’s book launch cross solo exhibition, titled ‘Find me a Castle’!
The pages of the book came to life on the gallery walls, with textural elements such as giant toothbrushes, beetles and dinosaurs covering the walls. All Day Lamington donuts, many cute babies, puppies and a single goldfish were just a few of the highlights from the launch. A huge thanks to all who came down to enjoy the interactive and always colourful work of Beci Orpin. Love LD

10 Jul 15

Opening night – ‘Currency’ by Kate Banazi

Wednesday night saw the opening of our mid-winter show ‘Currency’ by Kate Banazi. ‘Currency’ features a collection of silkscreen prints on mixed surfaces – Perspex, board and paper. An exploration of tessellating shapes and curves, each print is layered with a variety of patterns that blend and mesh, coming in and out of focus as the viewer moves throughout the space. Thanks to everyone that came down and kept warm with mulled cider and wine! There is still plenty of time to catch the show! Currency runs till Saturday August 1.

06 Jun 15

Opening night – ‘Short Lived’ by Craig Redman

Thanks to all that came down to see Short Lived by Craig Redman one half of art and design duo Craig & Karl. The work is a study of everyday gestures and expressions, featuring recreations of Redman’s friends in the midst of unassuming acts — eating, contemplating, smoking, waving hello. There’s still time to catch it if you missed the launch. Short Lived runs till Sat June 27.

15 May 15

Opening Night – ‘Cosmic Dread’ by Sean Morris

Wednesday night saw the opening of ‘Cosmic Dread’ by Sean Morris. Featuring a mixed format series of original paintings on vases and board, printed flags and a large scale mural. Great turn out! Thanks to everyone who ventured out on a cold rainy night for the launch. There is still plenty of time to see these sword welding ladies for yourself. ‘Cosmic Dread runs until 30 May.

24 Apr 15

Opening Night – ‘A River’ by Marc Martin

Last Wednesday, Marc Martin brought ‘A River’ to Lamington Drive. Books, prints and originals full of vibrant colours and richly textured landscapes – from cityscapes to farmland to jungles and vast oceans. Thanks to all who joined us for the opening!

‘A River’ continues until May 9

13 Mar 15

Opening Night – ‘Wounded’ by Jesse Marlow

Last Wednesday’s opening of Wounded by Jesse Marlow was top notch. It’s the first photographic exhibition to be held at Lamington Drive, as well as the first time the Wounded series has been exhibited. It also happens to be the 10 year anniversary of the release of Jesse’s ‘Wounded’ photo book (Sling shot press, 2005) – a lot of history on these walls. Thanks for coming along!

Wounded runs until April 4.

Love LD

07 Feb 15

Opening Night – ‘Beyond Beyond’ curated by Beci Orpin

Last Wednesday, Beci Orpin brought Beyond Beyond to Lamington Drive. Nine artists and makers’ work came together to represent an eclectic mix of pieces from large soft sculptures, wall weavings, to a tiny paper swan. Thanks to all who came out for the opening!

Beyond Beyond continues until February 28.


27 Nov 14

Opening Night – PINK FIST by Sonny Day (W$YK)

Last Thursday, Sonny Day (of W$YK) brought the immense power of PINK FIST to Lamington Drive. Footballers toting oversized lipstick, figures plunging into the abyss and plenty of banana motifs in Sonny’s classic style, created a surreal visual feast for all. Thanks to all who came out to see the show!

PINK FIST continues until December 13.


22 Nov 14

Launch – Around Australia With Jacky Winter

We were super excited to launch the much-anticipated arrival of ‘Around Australia With Jacky Winter’ last Saturday afternoon.

It was a celebration of Australiana with wattle, beers and, of course, lamingtons. The walls were decked out in large scale spreads from the book, inviting all guests (adults and children-alike!) to grab a pencil and doodle over the activities.

‘Around Australia With Jacky Winter’ is sure to be a household favourite, jam-packed with craft, games and colouring-in projects illustrated by over 75 of Jacky Winter’s artists. Fight your kids for it on road trips and kill the boredom on rainy days in the sharehouse, this guy is suited to minds of all ages!

Available now in major bookstores!



07 Nov 14

Around Australia with Jacky Winter – Book Launch

Please join us at Lamington Drive Gallery to celebrate the long-awaited publication of ‘Around Australia with Jacky Winter’, the ultimate Australiana activity book. Illustrated by over 75 of our artists and image-makers, it’s been hard for us to keep our hands off it so be ready to fight your kids for a copy!

Have you ever wanted to join the street artists in Hosier Lane and paint one of the walls? Do you think you could design a better roof for the Sydney Opera House? Can you tell a rat from a quokka? What is a quokka anyway?

All will be revealed in ‘Around Australia with Jacky Winter’. Join Jacky Winter on a journey across Australia. Discover new places, meet native creatures, create lots of pictures (like really, lots and lots of pictures) and make the ultimate travel souvenir.

But who is Jacky Winter? Well firstly, a native robin – possibly the most adorable one around! But also Australia’s finest creative powerhouse: The Jacky Winter Group. This book is jam-packed full of fun activities from the likes of Oslo Davis, Beci Orpin, Megan Hess, Kat Macleod, Kelly Thompson and many, many more!

Designed for customisation with a keepsake pocket to collect mementos, whether they’re from the Top End or the backyard, big and little design fans will delight in the Australiana-themed doodling, designing, colouring in, crafting and games. From origami penguins to ice-cream creations, road trip bingo to backyard cricket, this is your go-to on cross-country trips for dire times when iPad batteries die or for occupying little minds on rainy days at home. Either way ‘Around Australia with Jacky Winter’ is a sure bet to keep kids enthralled…that is if design-savvy parents don’t get to it first.

Saturday November 15, 12-3pm
Children and pets welcome!

07 Nov 14

Opening – The Dress by Megan Hess

We were super pleased to celebrate the launch of Megan Hess‘ new book ‘The Dress’ and the launch of her solo exhibition on Saturday afternoon.

An exclusive VIP event first took over Lamington Drive with champagne flowing and canapés enjoyed by all. Strains of Ella Fitzgerald drifted into the space as some of Megan’s most premium clients arrived and were presented with gift bags, including a signed copy of ‘The Dress’ and a range of additional goodies, a Glasshouse x Megan Hess Christmas edition candle, Morrocan Oil and more, all hand-picked by Megan. Fashion Journalist Lorelei Vashti emceed a Q&A, with the two fast becoming gal pals over all things dresses.

A public opening followed, where Croser bubbles continued to flow and attendants had the opportunity to meet, greet and have books signed by Megan.

‘The Dress’ continues at Lamington Drive until the 8th of November.


23 Sep 14

Upcoming – Sainthood by Eirian Chapman

Opening next week at Lamington Drive, Sainthood by Eirian Chapman!

In her first solo exhibition, Eirian will showcase large-scale print tapestries of female saints across four elements: land, sea, sky and space. These will be contrasted with a number of smaller prints depicting the icons of the four patron saints Chapman deems worthy of emulation and veneration. Referencing religious iconography and traditional woven wall hangings, she portrays her women as mythological creatures in a contemporary setting – the patron saints of Shiny Things, Drunken Sailors, Interstellar Tennis and Suburban Jungles.

All welcome!

Love LD

13 Sep 14

Opening Night – Graveyard Shift by Gemma O’Brien

The opening of Gemma O’Brien’s Graveyard Shift was attended by most. Some of you may have even seen some art through the crowds or met the lady who made it happen after 30 collective hours of painting.

There’s still two weeks to check it out. Exhibition continues until Saturday September 27.

Love LD

26 Aug 14

Workshop – Hand Lettering with Gemma O’Brien

On the final day of her solo exhibition Graveyard Shift, Gemma O’Brien will be hosting a workshop that will give participants insight into the hand-drawn processes she uses to create unique lettering pieces.  Hand-lettering is an invaluable tool for designers today that allows flexibility, freedom, customisation that often is inhibited by working solely with fonts in a digital space. This class will give an overview of the differences between writing, lettering and typography before moving into a series of short exercises to demonstrate key principles of letter construction, rhythm, contrast, composition, balance and techniques of letter customisation (swashes, flourishes, decoration). Using calligraphic principles as a starting point participants will spend the second part of the day conceptualising, drawing and refining a custom piece of hand-lettering under Gemma’s instruction.


This workshop is designed for participants who have an existing art, advertising or design background who are interested in refining their hand-lettering skills to use in their own professional or personal practice. This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the principles of letterform creation through demonstrations of techniques by Gemma O’Brien, hands-on participation in individual and group exercises,  one-on-one guidance, and critical discussion among peers.

What’s provided? 

Each participant will receive a kit with everything required on the day and the tools to continue to practice the skills you learn on the day, at home. It will contain:

Workshop Tool-Kit

• Workbook designed by Gemma O’Brien to outline key principles and exercises for the day, as well as a resource list for links for further study.

• Pencil + Sharpener + Rubber + Ruler

• Fine black marker

• Tracing Paper

• Customised Grid Paper exercises

• Broad Nib marker

• Brush Pens x 2

• Custom-Cut Balsa Wood for experimental calligraphy exercises

• Mini-Ink Pot

What to bring

If you have a preferred mechanical pencil or drawing tool that you feel most comfortable  drawing with please bring this along. A few options of a single word  that you can use as the basis for your lettering project in the afternoon session. Gemma will have options if you don’t have a preferred word to work with.

Course Outline

SESSION ONE: 10AM – 1PM (with 15 minute coffee break )

Introduction, context, theory and short exercises based on calligraphic principles that inform lettering. 

• Welcome, introduction, quick warm up exercises.

• Discuss the links between typography, reading/writing, culture, memory, communication and the human experience.

• Explanation of differences and links between writing, lettering and typography. Overview of relevant terminology.

• Contextualisation of lettering within the broad landscape of letterform-based skills and crafts (type design, sign painting, letter carving, calligraphy) today.

• Overview of Roman letterforms created using a flat brush to explain principles of stroke contrast, variation and proportions. Double-pencil exercise over model alphabet.

• Overview of letterforms created with a pointed brush to understand rhythm, and movement. Brush pen exercise.  Model alphabets will be provided as reference.

• Experimentation with cola-pens + balsa wood to explore non-conventional calligraphic approaches.

• Group discussion and analysis of how to identify these calligraphic principles in examples of typography and lettering.

• Overview of brief for afternoon, and selection of word for final project.  

LUNCH 1:00 – 1.30PM

SESSION TWO: 1:30PM – 5PM  (with 15 minute coffee break)

The afternoon will be dedicated to creating a unique piece of lettering informed by the calligraphic exercises in Session One.

• Conceptualising your design: approaches to linking content, lettering style and meaning.

• Composition, spacing, layout: how to achieve a balanced layout.

• Letter relationships: Analysis of letter combinations and positioning to look for opportunities for customisation.

• Customisation: How to make your letterforms unique using swash letters, flourishes, quirky letterforms or decorative techniques (shadows, illustrated embellishments, inline strokes).

• The final two hours will be spent drawing and refining individual projects with one-on-one consultation from Gemma.

• Group critique and wrap up.


The workshop runs on Saturday September 27, 10am-5pm, 2014.

Exhibition runs September 5 – 27, 2014.


Lamington Drive

101a Sackville Street

Collingwood, VIC 3066

How to book

Class spots are limited to 15 people.

$250 per person. For bookings click here.

14 Aug 14

Opening Night – Sketchbook by Ben Montero

Thanks to everyone that came along to the opening of Ben Montero’s Sketchbook. With 148 original works on the walls Sketchbook is the biggest show at Sackville St yet.

We collected some snaps and quotes from the party:

‘Wow! Is there anything he can’t draw? Truly a master.’

‘The voice of a generation! It’s so funny when the dog’s are talking.’

The exhibition continues until Saturday August 2. Enjoy yourself!

Love LD

05 Aug 14

Upcoming – Sketchbook by Ben Montero

We’re please to present Sketchbook, the first solo exhibition of work by Melbourne based illustrator and musician, Ben Montero.

For the first time Ben Montero is taking his art out of the music scene it’s inspired by and into the outside world. An artist and musician with over 20 years experience in the music industry, Montero’s work is inspired equally by a love and loathing for pop music culture, past and present.

Influenced by 1960s psychedelia, pop art, vintage underground comics and children’s book illustrations, Montero’s work is a visually striking mix of optimism and disenchantment. Alongside his commissioned work for various publications including Vice and Desktop, international music artists including Kurt Vile and Pond, Ben will display personal illustrations – quickly drawn treasures that reveal a twisted humour and childlike sincerity as well as frustrated personal and social insights.

Taking these sentiments further, his series of posters for his own musical outfit Montero, boldly blur the lines between music promotion and self-revealing confessionals that expose the artist and musician’s own insecurities and paranoia, along with sly digs and antagonistic attacks on record label executives, indie music fashions and bedroom beat makers.

All welcome!

Love LD

30 Jul 14

Opening Night – Australian Roadkill by Mimi Leung

It was all smiles at the opening of Mimi Leung’s Australian Roadkill. It’s hard not to be amused by Mimi’s cute, yet decidedly gory depictions of the unfortunate fate of birds, roos and other rural Australian fauna!

The evening was a somewhat similar representation of the opposites present in the artist’s playfully crude paintings. In amongst a would-be macabre setting (if not for Mimi’s colourful and visually pleasing iteration of blood and guts) people chit chatted and enjoyed many a mulled wine – escaping the freezing cold night.

The exhibition continues until Saturday August 2.

Thanks for coming down!

Love LD

02 Jul 14

Upcoming – Australian Roadkill by Mimi Leung

We’re please to present Australian Roadkill, a solo exhibition of new work by Mimi Leung. Drawing inspiration from the unfortunate fate of kangaroos, wombats, rabbits and birds on our rural roads, Mimi will fill the gallery with her psychedelic iterations of blood and guts.

Describing her experience of coming across these specimens as ‘gory yet cute’, Mimi began photographing them – a macabre archive that has resulted in a series of works revolving around speed, chance, progress and acceptance.

Leung is a painter, illustrator and printmaker, who’s exhibited extensively both internationally and around Australia.

Join us next Thursday July 10 from 6-9pm for the opening & reception with the artist!

All welcome!

Love LD

02 Jul 14

Opening Night – Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers by James Gulliver Hancock

We had a great turn out for the opening of James Gulliver Hancock’s book launch and solo show, Artist, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers. The exhibition continues until Saturday July 5.

People flocked for James’ brilliant book, prints and original process drawings. ‘Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers’ draws upon the eccentricities of everyone from Leonardo da Vinci to Coco Chanel in an eclectic annotated style. A veritable who’s-who of famous figures.

There was mulled wine galore and for something a little special, dare we say sophisticated, Four Pillars Gin were there serving a twist on the G&T, playfully dubbed ‘The Keating’.

Thanks to all for coming along!

Love LD

07 May 14

Open for Inspection

Well it, only took around five years or so, but Lamington Drive finally has it’s new website and online store courtesy of Studio PDA to coincide with the opening of our new forever home in Sackville Street, Collingwood.

From our humble cardboard beginnings in Fitzroy in 2008, we are absolutely delighted to welcome everyone to our new digital and physical home, and cannot wait to share some fabulous programming for 2014, including Paul Robertson’s upcoming show, Adventures to the Heart of the Universe opening next Thursday, May 15 at 6pm.

We will be slowly adding new works to the shop and back-filling some images for our previous shows, so please do bear with us while we are still under construction. If you notice anything strange, or just want to say hello, then please email us at info@lamingtondrive.com. To be notified of upcoming shows, feel free to sign up to our mailing list, or just pop in to 101a Sackville Street, Collingwood to say hello!

Image Credit: Oslo Davis

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