05 Dec 18

Opening day – ‘The A to Z of Things I’ve Pulled Out Of My Dog’s Mouth’ by Kate Pullen

To celebrate the launch of ‘The A to Z of things I’ve pulled out of my dog’s mouth’ by Kate Pullen humans and dogs alike flocked to LD on a sunny Spring Saturday arvo. Vinnie, Kate’s staffy (and star of the show) was in attendance and a very good boy considering all the excitement. The show depicts all the items Vinnie has tried (and sometimes succeeded) to consume.

The centre piece of the show is kate’s large-scale hand painted mural which pops with colour and half eaten imagery in celebration of all things loved and lost to our favourite four legged friends. There was also a range of prints (one for each letter of the alphabet) retail items, and other hidden gems.

In addition Dog Photog popped up one the second weekend of the show, turning the gallery well and truly into doggo HQ as Heather and Dan photographed pooches alongside Kate’s aptly themed show.
(Photographs 1-5 by Tatanja Ross / @on_jacksonstreet)

Looks like Vinnie chomped the flyers as well!

Kate, Tim and Tina talking shop.

A beaut sunny day for doggos and their humans.

What has Vinnie been chewing on? These brave visitors put their hands in the mystery boxes to find out!

Kate and Vinnie took a moment to appreciate their hard work and test out the fancy beds!

Just a long doggo taking it all in.

So. many. QTs.

Fun times had by all! Thanks for coming, guys!

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