11 Oct 19

Opening night – ’66 days’ Lamington Drive Residency

Anyone who followed our highlighted story reel on insta would’ve gotten a glimpse into a day in the life of our four resident artists, busily hustling for 8 eventful weeks in the lead up to their group show, 66 days.

Ryan A. McShane, originally from QLD, liked Melbourne so much he moved here permanently at the end of the residency! Lush greens, earthy browns and high vis orange filled his colour pallette when painting scenes inspired by the orange trees and memories from Menton, France.

April Phillips, NSW-based Wiradjuri-Scottish artist, educator and mother of two. Exploring multiple mediums she covered a multitude of analogue and digital techniques. April worked towards a series titled ‘Figures’ which explored characters who externalise emotional states, embody trauma, and mirror the human experience.

Nina Elliott, a Melbourne based illustrator, aims to capture ordinary moments and present them in a purposeful way. Nina built up two different and equally beautiful series along the way – one of monochromatic scenes and one of casual poetry written in playful soft type.

Tara Whalley, a clothing and textile extraordinaire, filled our space with her vibrant colour palettes and wall of painted houseplants. As hand-painted works inspire her textile collections, ‘Everything is Special’ was a chance to see her work in a different context and her beautiful lush imagery left its mark on every plant lovers heart.

With so much talent buzzing within our walls, it was no surprise the opening night of the resultant group show ‘66 days’ was a raging success! With so much to see/discuss and even more to consume (free drinks/lamies anyone?!) it was a night not to be missed.

Thanks to all who came along and got in on the fun. And to our beloved Ressies: good on ya, great work, we miss you already!

Love LD

(Install view shots by Tatanja Ross / @on_jacksonstreet | Opening night shots by Nicholas Manton / @_nickmanton)

Welcome to 66 Days!

Nina busy at work

Tara in the zone

April working with felt and glass

Ryan doing his ‘high vis’ thing

After 8 weeks of working away… the opening night!

Smiles all round

Fun for the fam

Nice frames!

Art pals

Real good vibes c/o our beer sponsor Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Thank you Ressies!

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