31 May 19

Opening Night – ‘A Little Hat on You’ by Mogu Takahashi

Ahh what a night, and a lovely one at that! How bout these delightful photos too… What a crowd at Mogu Takahashi’s opening – the phones were literally ringing off the hook to lock down artworks before we even opened our doors. Mogu’s a popular lady to say the least, and she flew from Tokyo especially. During her stay with us, Mogu completed the remainder of the works for this show on site. There’s even a special Lamington Drive office doggo painting, titled ‘Reception’, which we LOVE. ‘A Little Hat on You’ showcases her playful, original paintings, drawings and sculptures inspired by unique shapes found in flora and fauna. The show has been so well received and we know it’ll bring you plenty of joy.

Photos by Nicholas Manton / @_nickmanton

The hero piece!

This guy, soakin’ it all up.

Hmm.. which one shall I buy?


Drinks a’ flowing (and the conversation)

Happy to be here thanks to Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Admiring ‘With IKEA Bags’.

Packed out.

A fine collection.


Thanks to everyone that came down! Love LD x

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