31 May 19

Opening Night – ‘Cheeky Boy’ by James Fosdike

Wowee, what a cheeky night! We were stoked to host the legendary James Fosdike’s first solo show and boy what a treat. The self-proclaimed, ‘cheeky boy’ delivered the perfect amount of naughty which conveniently coincided with Melbourne’s International Comedy Fest. You simply can’t help but crack a smile while feasting your eyes upon a Fosdike piece. Opening night saw loyal fans gather. The alarming level of detail, colour and relentless hilarity is hard to ignore. Revel in these flicks from opening night. Sponsored by Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Beer and lammies. Say no more. Cheers Gage Roads Brewing Co.

Yeah, I’ll drink to that.

Fosdike fans.

The infamous ‘Dick with Eyes’.

Getting a closer look.

Smiles all round.

Deep in analysis.

Thanks for having a laugh with us friends! … until next time ;)

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