31 May 18

Opening Night – ‘Death Metal Hands’ by Sonny Ken & James

Death Metal Hands is a collection of new paintings and drawings from three of eastern Australia’s finest illustrators/artists: Sonny Day, Ken Taylor and James Jirat Patradoon! 

James’s work lines the entire length of the first wall, a series of razor sharp ballpoint drawings depicting a hypersexualised rogues gallery. Ken’s three ornate oil paintings draw you in, then follow you with their eyes. Sonny’s acrylic paintings feature various self portraits, dangerous predators and poetic (and lengthy) titles.

What a ripper night! Thanks to everyone who made it down!

The gallery filled with friendly faces.

James, Sean, Li, Maddie and Benjamin having a cool time

Dream-team Sonny and Biddy (aka WBYK) matching their outfits and drinks.

Getting around James’ ballpoint drawings.

When the art looks back at you with two faces…and Sonny is also in the room.

Young Henry’s supplied the bevs. 

Colin (left) is moving to NSW but he came by for one last drink at LD. Bye friend! 

Tofu has decided to diversify his art collection and his winter wardrobe. 

This is Ken’s back. We didn’t get a good photo of him but he was there alright.

Look at that detail!

Party out the back. Thanks to all who braved the cold and made it down!


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