29 Mar 19

Opening night – ‘Fever Dreams’ by Brolga

We were jam-packed for the opening of Brolga’s first solo show Fever Dreams. 

Brolga debuted his hyper-colour collection of painted originals, textiles, a giant inflatable and a glossy toy design. This new body of work was inspired by years of restless travel and an obsession with overlooked street signage. Brolga is never not sparking joy with his pop-style aesthetic and daydream doodles which were so beautifully and expertly executed in his works on canvas.

Cheers to everyone who joined us! The show continues till Sat Mar 23.

Good times.

Gerry Wolf poking out of the crowd.

Such a bright show!

Brolga’s Bowling Pins feeling a bit claustrophobic 

Sausage with a face

Horace Snake watching over the crowd

Our BFFs from BFF

Thanks for coming everyone! What a fab night.

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