23 Jun 17

Opening Night – ‘Kill Your Darlings’ by Guy Shields

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for the opening of Guy Shields ‘Kill Your Darlings’. It was a wonderful evening shared with some great company — we couldn’t have imagined a better last show before the big move.

Kill Your Darlings is a collection of 19 original cover artworks completed by Shield from 2012 through 2017 for the Australian quarterly publication of the same name. The works highlight Guy’s passion for storytelling and his exceptional ability to capture narratives across a range of subjects and moments in a single-frame. Drawn from his own fly-on-the-wall style, Guy’s fascination with people and nature entices viewers to get lost in atmospheric environments or vignettes of a stranger’s life. These carefully built scenes showcase the beauty in the seemingly mundane, provoking intrigue and familiarity through engaging colour palettes.

Massive thanks to show partners Prism Imaging and our friends down at Bodriggy Brewing Co. for sponsoring the event and keeping the crowd topped up and refreshed throughout the evening.

Cheers to another killer show!

Love LD

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