06 Jul 18

Opening night – ‘Market Fan Club’ by Evie Cahir

Evie Cahir’s exhibition Market Fan Club is filled with colourful delights inspired by daily trips to the Queen Victoria Market, giving a taste of bright, warm tones amidst one of Melbourne’s coldest Winter’s!

Market Fan Club champions the shapes, colours, sounds and smells of the maketplace. We officially crown each attendee of the opening night honorary Market Fan Club members ~ according to the CEO benefits of the fan club include : certainty of free-play and fun, ability to confidently engage in a game of light and shadow appreciation, developing life-long friendships with seasonal fruit and vegetables and many more!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined us!

 Platinum Market Fan Club members

The incredible Evie, creator of ‘When the Sun Hits Your Eye That’s A-Bellissimo’ 

“What a beauty, I’ll grab that Banoonie!”

‘Feeling Good, Feeling Fine’ with Evie’s fam

‘Banoonie Slingin’ and ‘Persimmy Bs’

S2S and mates havin a laff

Head cheerleaders

Ty Starward Whiskey for providing the bevs

Cheers for coming out for some pre-Solstace sunshine


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