20 Dec 19

Opening night – ‘Mascots’ by Cat Rabbit & Andrea Innocent

This was hands down one of the cutest opening nights our walls have ever seen. With small plush mascots lining our walls and  colouring sessions in the corner, there was something for everyone. And the best part – a full size bird costume for visitors to try on!

‘Mascots’ is a collaborative show by Cat Rabbit and Andrea Innocent that explores everyday anxieties. Combining their passions for textiles and illustration, this exhibition is brimming with love and creativity in the form of characters that inspire all those good feelings. Throw in some tasty lamies and cold beers, this night was a blur of fun times and plush goodness.

Big thanks to everyone that made it down to welcome these little guys!

Love LD

Welcoming party!

The gallery was bustlin’

Matchy matchy with the art.

Bird man.

Cheers to our sponsor Gage Roads Co for providing the best bevs

It’s all in the details

Zen corner.

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