20 Jul 18

Opening night – ‘Papershrine’

Bringing together home-grown and international superstar creatives, Benja Harney and his Paperform team have visually transformed the gallery into an immersive paper shrine filled with creativity and intrigue.

Creating a vibrant, textural and fun environment for the cold Melbourne winter, this show was an adventure into paper-cuts that we have never seen before! Exploring alternative processes to most of the artist’s normal practices, there are an array of sizes, shapes and colours based on the artist’s personal expression.

Thanks for good company and good vibes!

Mika, Sarah and Li were on their way to the origami world championships but then it folded – they ended up here instead

45 masks by 45 superstars

Praise thy paper 

Doggo admiring Magda’s top notch doggo art- Thanks for coming down Forever Friends Animal Rescue, head to their page to check out some more cuties that need some lovin’ like this guy!!  

Some friendly faces and cheesy grins 

Enjoying bevs and banter

More QTs

Four Papershrine legends!

Everyone had a cool time

More paper mask admirers 

Our new pals Viv and Sophia from Orenda Mag

Vanessa aka @hellomrgrasshopper of paperform and a mate

You shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses but you should throw parties for Papershrines

Live streaming for the interstate and international artists!

That’s a wrap! (on the recap and the paper puns) Big thanks to Benja, all the artists and everyone that came out!

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