01 Apr 16

Opening Night – Residential Development (LDR²)

Lamington Drives second ever residency saw the gallery become home to four emerging artists  Antra Švarcs, Janelle Barone, Oliver Page-Dutton and Sarah Canning. The culminating exhibition ‘Residential Development’ (LDR2) was the result of weeks of the four illustrators creating new work and interacting with the public/each other – all heading towards the common goal of creating an exhibition. During the residency the gallery acted as a makeshift open studio; four desks, power, Wi-Fi and works in progress gradually filling up the white spaces of the walls as the artists worked. The materials, tools and works in progress added another layer of studio detritus, granting access to an aspect not always seen by the public or followers of their work.

The final exhibition of  hand-painted originals, paper collages, digital and screen-based pieces, sculpture, hand-drawn sketches was a great success. Big thanks to everyone who came down!

Love LD

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