18 Oct 19

Opening night – ‘Reverist’ by Kat Macleod

What a lovely evening! With the gallery packed to the brim, drinks were poured, lamies were munched and conversation buzzed in admiration of Kat Macleod’s latest collection ‘Reverist’.

Inspired by the human form in a state of thought, Kat combines her love for the female figure and botanic shapes with unconscious moments of contemplation, creating a collection of work that truly leaves you in awe. The level of detail, thought and love that goes into each piece is impossible to ignore and must be seen up close to be believed. Using a combination of pencil, watercolour and sewing, they really are a visual treat.

Cheers to all for making the night such a success!

Love LD

The gallery was buzzin!

Taking in the details

Gallery catch ups

Smiles all round

Daisy getting in on the fun

Gage Roads Brewing Co. at it again with the best bevs

Discussions with the artist herself!

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