06 Nov 17

Opening Night — ‘Unattainable Rainbows’ by Beci Orpin

A massive thanks to everyone who joined us for the opening of Beci Orpin’s show Unattainable Rainbows.

The show features large-scale, wooden cut-out wilting flowers, a self-portrait silhouette with a window, a mural of sensory overload and an array of painted wooden placards with sombre messages like ‘I am not a believer’ and ‘look deep’. Featuring Beci’s own ‘Unhappiness Boutique’: an arrangement of paintings showcasing material objects Orpin once obsessed over and bought in her desire for instant gratification.

Complete with its own confession booth, the show invites visitors to write down their own ‘unattainable rainbows’ at the opening and through the first week of the show. Beci will then create new works to add to the Boutique, informed by the public’s lustful confessions of coveted luxuries.

Massive thanks to our pals at Balter Brewers and The Drinks List for keeping the crowd topped up and refreshed throughout the evening.

Unatainable Rainbows is currently open to the public and runs until Saturday November 18, 2017.

Love LD

(Install view images (first and last) by Tatanja Ross)

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