02 Nov 18

Puzzle Tournament – ‘Make Piece: The Art of Puzzles’

As part of Make Piece: The Art of Puzzles nine teams in total went head to head in our public puzzle solving tournament!

In HEAT ONE we had teams EnigMaher (Catie and Brigit), Puzzled and Confused (Louis and Alana), Team in Pieces (Emily and Ruby) and The Renegades (Alex and Louise). In record time, the Renegades went home with gold!

In HEAT TWO we had Co, co and co (Brooke and Penny), Puzzle pre drinks (Georgia and Joe) and Hughes of Colour (Danielle and Hugh). This match was insanely close, Co, co and co almost took the win but Hughes of Colour came out on top!

HEAT THREE was a close one with two teams forgoing the AFL Grand Final in lieu of a more exciting grudge match –Piece da Resistance (Juliet and Jane) v Confuzzled (Sasha and Daniel). Snatching the win, Confuzzled went through to the Championship round.

The CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND was an intense one, with a harder puzzle (1000 vibrating colours) we had The Renegades, Hughes of Colour, and Confuzzled fighting for gold. Coming out on top, the Renegades took the win in 2 hours and 40 minutes! More than just a giant 5000 colours puzzle, they won eternal glory and our respect.

A big thanks to everyone who puzzled with us!

Team EnigMaher got the memo!

team Piece da Resistance puzzling

Ain’t no party like a puzzle party! ft.team Confuzzled

No time for chit chat, these Puzzlers are puzzling hard and fast!

The Renegades feat. team captain Alex and side kick Hope, just before they were coined the Champion Puzzling Legends

Action shot from the Championship round

The HEAT ONE winners Alex and Louise stoked on their trophies

HEAT TWO champs Danielle and Hugh from team Hughes of Colour with their finished puzzle!

Daniel and Sasha from team Confuzzled HEAT THREE winners!

And thats a wrap! Big props to all the puzzlers and everyone else who popped by to see the show!

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