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April Phillips, Nina Elliott, Ryan A. McShane and Tara Whalley

66 days

14 August — 7 September 2019

Lamington Drive is pleased to announce 66 days, the resultant group exhibition of our third-of-its-kind LD artists residency. The emerging talent for 2019, April Phillips, Nina Elliott, Ryan A. McShane and Tara Whalley, have enjoyed eight weeks of co-working in an open studio environment. Visitors to the gallery were able to glimpse the artists’ unique processes and works in varying stages of completion. On any given day you could find an array of analogue and digital pursuits in play, from painting and drawing to soft-sculpture making; the aim being to develop and refine works-in-progress into finished art in real-time! Join us at the exhibition opening to celebrate the culmination of 66 days of work. You’ll have a chance to peruse and purchase pieces, meet the artists, eat some lamingtons and mingle – all with a bevvy in-hand. 

About the artists

April Phillips (Wiradjuri-Scottish) is an illustrator, researcher and visual arts educator based on the South Coast of NSW. Throughout her Figures series, April has created two-dimensional characters to explore her fascination with the way feelings impact our bodies – how they twist and bend us, render us unstable, permeable, amorphous, and – at the same time – keep us whole.

Along with this series April will also be installing a family of soft sticks, with new skills she gained during the residency under the guidance of Melbourne felt master, Cat Rabbit. These sticks are matched with glass rainbows as a happy + sad counter-balance to explore optimism and the relationship of meanings when we match two things. 

Nina Elliott’s practice is the result of a need to capture ordinary moments – cropped, zoomed, edited and represented in a methodical and purposeful manner. The work tends to be quite minimal stylistically, allowing the subject matter at hand to remain the focus. Recurring motifs include architectural contemplations, typography, and screenshots from her camera roll – each arranged in meticulous, clean compositions. 

Creating two refined and distinct series’ during her time here – one of typography and one of imagery – Nina’s works for the show are beautiful monochromatic scenes and soft, casual poetry. 

Ryan A. McShane is an art director & designer (by day) at Breeder & Josephmark, whilst working as an artist nights and weekends. Ryan has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. After studying illustration his passion has evolved into a love for designing apps and websites, storyboarding, illustrating, typography, and everything in between – the through line has always been imagemaking. 

Ryan’s practice onsite has involved painting with gouache over the top of existing artworks he finds at the op shop. His giclee prints were created digitally in the same lush painterly style on his tablet. His cohesive series for the show is entitled High Vis, which explores visibility and the many things people do to capture attention. It plays with the idea that to be seen is to be validated and assured of your existence. The collection was inspired by the reflective spray paint used for safety purposes in the bush, the citrus trees in Menton, and dressing for the cold. 

Tara Whalley is a Melbourne-based clothing and textile designer. Her imaginative print-and-pattern-filled collections originate as hand-painted works that utilise exciting colour palettes and often explore plant life, treasured keepsakes, and special places. 

Her collection for the show, entitled Everything is Special, includes 25 paintings on board. Perhaps they will be translated into repeat patterns and wearable work, or they may form the basis for forays into other product collaborations and art applications in the future. What’s clear is that the original work is incredibly strong and eye-catching on the wall.  

***’66 days’ opens Wednesday Aug 14, 6-9pm. Beer sponsored by Gage Roads Brewing Co. Exhibition continues till Sat Sep 7***

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