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Matt Huynh


10 March — 2 April 2011

A larger than life charcoal installation by Matt Huynh.

The work draws upon the Aurora myth as harmonious allegory for romance, divinity and the creative or

expressive artistic act. A confrontation with the enormity and inexpressible experience of something divine or

miraculous is an existential experience for a mortal man. It asks how we might assure affirmation of our value

and validity before an elevating and transcendent experience. A visual artist, is in love with light but can never

create their own or stand inside it. A palette of colors or orchestration of lines can only ever hope to amount

to a resonant series of interferences with light rather than the stuff of light itself, it’s the best an artist can

hope for to dance with their love.

Just as Aurora might never know Tithonus’s love, the sun’s sorrow is it might never be held by its own fullbodied

warmth, it may never share the universe with itself and bask in the same intensity for which the rest of

us are gifted, save for its pale reflection in the distant moon and our meagre shadows.

Please join us for this very special opening on Thursday, March 10, 6-9pm for the unveiling of the compound sister gallery, Pin/Up, and the Compound Lecture and Workshop space.

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