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James Fosdike

Cheeky Boy

27 March — 13 April 2019

Lamington Drive is pleased to present ‘Cheeky Boy’ by James Fosdike. Coinciding with the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Fosdike’s first solo show is a selection of his favourite comedy artwork over the last decade.

Fosdike, who is writing this in third person and feeling deeply uncomfortable about it, has drawn lots of art for both Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen from Home and Away (he played the Principal, not Principal Fisher) and their podcast TOFOP, and for US comedians Dave Anthony and sexy Gareth Reynolds for their bi-weekly American History podcast, The Dollop. He’s also drawn art for lots of other comedians as well and loves to piggy-back off their jokes on Twitter.

Fosdike prides himself on putting a lot of detail, colour and movement into his work, and asks you to enjoy Wil’s first and last stand up posters, the hairs on Boonie’s tummy, the rose petals falling seductively on Optimus Prime, Tom Walker wearing a giant nappy, and Charlie from Home and Away falling from a helicopter into a giant sinkhole. There’s also unicorns, mermaids, primates, politics, comic strips, gritty reboots and a fair bit of dick stuff, which he apologises for but hopes you enjoy it regardless.

Fosdike is delighted to be having his first solo exhibition in Melbourne where the majority of the funny people are. Please buy everything.

***Join us Wednesday March 27, 6–9pm for an opening reception with the artist. There will be lamingtons as usual and beer sponsored by Gage Roads Brewing Co***

Exhibition continues till Sat April 13.

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