a href="https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/52+Budd+St/">52 Budd Street
Collingwood, Australia

03 8060 9745

James Gulliver Hancock


3 April — 25 April 2009

This new series of prints, original drawings, collages and installations are all constructions, based on James’ perception of the mechanic workings of the world. They start with masculine obsessions and move towards baroque feminine beauty.

James was born in Sydney and now lives the life of a nomad, consistently traveling and drawing inside vehicles, hotel rooms and petrol stations. His base is in Los Angeles, a car driven megalopolis where everything is joined onto everything else – a mechanical zen.

Where “Man (is) the king of creation… …who ceaselessly plugs an organ-machine into an energy-machine, a tree into his body, a breast into his mouth…”.

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