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Special Event

Diamonds In
The Rough

26 August — 17 September 2011

Iconic wanna-be-creative-megatron Studio Pip and Co. is morphing, making a costume change, moving up and moving on. To celebrate, the studio has developed ‘Diamonds in the Rough’ at Lamington Drive, an exhibition documenting 20 years of printed ephemera lovingly (and incidentally) sourced, collected and treasured from Melbourne, Sydney and beyond by Andrew Ashton.

This lo-fi show promises to represent many years of picking up, design envy, putting aside and putting away. To some they are eye-catching junk-print, however to designers, each of these works represents – dreaming, favour calling, improvising, in-kind design loving, hours and hours, one-sided sponsorship, folio fattening, complex briefs, picky stakeholders, sources of income and immovable deadlines. Exhibited works are one massive name drop, including Emery, Tin & Ed, SouthSouthWest, Fabio Ongarato, Studio Anybody, Famous, Something Splendid, People Collective, Pidgeon, PSS, Round, Lancashire, 3 Deep, Vice Mag and back.

‘Diamonds in the Rough’ coincides with the release of desktop magazine’s 25 year anniversary ‘Time Capsule’ edition. Guest edited by Andrew Ashton, Studio Pip and Co. created the theme, designed the front cover, the pull-out poster, and curated the 16 page visual essay of printed ephemera presented in this Lamington Drive exhibition.

This show will also mark an end of an era at Lamington Drive, as it will be the last time cardboard will line the gallery walls. At the close of the show we’ll be burning it all in a bonfire to appease the lamington gods.

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