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Fever Dreams

6 March — 23 March 2019

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Fever Dreams by Brolga. The first concentrated show by Brolga, ‘Fever Dreams’ showcases materials sourced from years of restless travel and an obsession with overlooked street signage. Brolga brings together a hypercolour collection of painted originals, 3D installations, textiles, and toy designs.

Growing up in Australia, Brolga’s family would often make days-long trips across the country, moving house from Queensland to the Northern Territory and back. It’s on these car trips that his fascination with signage and iconography began.

‘Fever Dreams’ experiments with hallucinations and reality by highlighting the overlooked items of our familiar and foreign surroundings. Brolga weaves in his ever-increasing collection of original characters into the narrative, seeking a connection with them and the collage of elements delicately pulled from his travels and day-to-day.

Opening Wednesday Mar 6, 6—9pm
Exhibition runs Mar 7–23, 2019

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