Summer closure

Heads up! The gallery will be closed from Sunday Dec 23 and will reopen Wed Jan 9 and resume regular gallery hours. All artwork orders placed after 12pm Dec 17 will not be processed until mid Jan.

a href="">52 Budd Street
Collingwood, Australia

03 8060 9745

Natalie Turnbull


20 September — 30 September 2017

Natalie Turnbull is a stylist and art director. Inspired by how form and function are used to communicate an idea, she strives for a crisp and minimal aesthetic that allows the subject to speak for itself. ‘Gesture’ is an exploration of movement and shape in reference to the human body. New viewpoints are revealed when navigating through the space, giving rise to a shifting tension and beauty. The space is created to allow for an intimate experience between the viewer and the objects. / @natturnbull



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