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Ben Ashton-Bell

If The World
Made Sense

12 April — 26 May 2012

New Works by Ben Ashton-Bell.

Ben Ashton-Bell’s ‘If the World Made Sense’ presents a body of work that shows Ben’s exponential growth and development into his visual style. Used as an opportunity to create pure hand-crafted pieces, the work has been created using a combination of pencil, airbrush, gauche and watercolour to achieve the desired effect.

Through his work, Ben explores themes of humanity and nature. The concept behind ‘If the World Made Sense’ is propelled by the chaos of our world, touching on the sometimes senseless act of humans destroying what is around them. The exhibition examines a futuristic fictional world, exploring the remnants of war and the evolution of nature taking back its rightful place.

It has been 3 years since Ben broke away from his full-time career in graphic design to devote more attention to his love for illustration. Ben’s first solo exhibition ‘From a Distance We All Look the Same’ was held at the Commission Gallery and marked his transition and cemented his new career path.

Since then Ben has spent his time developing and refining a style that sits comfortably with his love of detailed illustration in contrast to loose, expressionistic colour. Ben is also represented by the Jacky Winter Group as a member of the Hatch.

In addition to his practice as an illustrator, Ben continues to design, freelancing at studios around Melbourne and for himself. In which he has gained some solid local and international clients. His contribution to the most recent James Squire range with studio DiDonato, won an award for best packaging at the MADC awards.

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