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Ben Sanders

I’ve an
Uncle Ivan

3 April — 12 April 2013

Lamington Drive is very pleased to host the launch of a new children’s book ‘I’ve an Uncle Ivan’ authored and illustrated by Ben Sanders and published by Thames & Hudson Australia!

I’ve an Uncle Ivan is a free-wheeling rhyme illustrated in a nostalgic 1950s style that introduces readers to Uncle Ivan, his extended family and 14 different modes of transport. Ivan has a niece on skates, who has two hitchhiking brothers. They have a cousin on a scooter, whose sister drives a Mini … And so it goes until we meet the whole family, who are travelling to a secret destination on every form of transport from unicycles to bi-planes to trams! But look more closely, in each picture there are clues to the true identity of this remarkable family and their exciting destination. The climax of this charming caper occurs when everyone descends upon the pie stand at once and chaos ensues.

To coincide with the book launch on Saturday 6 April, there will also be an exhibition of work by Ben Sanders including new prints from the book.

Book Launch: Saturday 6 April, 1pm – 3pm

Exhibition dates: Wednesday 3 April – Friday 12 April

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