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Curated by Dog Photog Studios

Les Chiens

22 November — 2 December 2017

Les Chiens, brings together six contemporary Melbourne artists in celebration of the dog – doggos, puppers, dogues. It’s a visual lick on the face, a good scratch behind the ears and maybe even a sniff of the bottom. It’s everything joyous about what a dog is and how we see them. Alice Oehr’s pair of Pomeranians and a lone dachshund trot proudly on their leashes across the walls. Max Blackmore’s mottled whippet lives in the artists version of the home of The Simpsons. Esther Olsen’s Poker Dogs takes classic representations seen on playing cards and turns them into doggy depictions. Heather Lighton’s Girlfriends touches on the intimate relationship one can have with their dog. The portrait is based on the relationship between the artist and her own chihuahua Honey, who she considers to be her best girlfriend and keeper of all secrets. Minna Leunig’s Hounds On The Prowl is a pack of inky fanged hounds prowling and howling around the paper. Evie Chair delivers us one of her ‘brain dumps’. This time it’s a glorious scattering of people and their hounds doing what they are best at  – being our best friends.

About the artists! 

Alice Oehr is a designer from Melbourne. Her distinct colourful style incorporates her love of food, pattern, collage and drawing. Many of her ideas have made their way onto textiles, homewares, magazines, books, and even once as a series of 6ft tall Ancient Egyptian statues for a marquee at the Spring Racing Carnival. Alice’s work has been sought-after commercially by clients local and international. aliceoehr.com @aliceoehr

Esther Olsen’s works are vibrant narratives that generate graphic grid systems, playing off Esther’s imaginative worlds. She is excited about continuing to cultivate her vision and exploring new avenues in the art community, in both Melbourne and beyond. estherolsson.com @estherolsson

Evie Cahir is a Melbourne based artist and illustrator. Her background in illustration has informed her artistic practise in it’s narrative-driven yet pared back compositions. Alongside freelancing as an illustrator for commercial clients and private commissions she also exhibits her work in group and solo shows, self-publishes artist books and enjoys collaborating with like-minded people. eviecahir.bigcartel.com @_eviecahir_

Heather Lighton is a Melbourne based photographer who works across both commercial and fine art photography. Her work often explores youth and notions of beauty through a focus on colour, line and minimalism, drawing on a wide range of photographic traditions including fashion, documentary and formalistic photography. Lighton has travelled extensively and sees the rest of the world as a constant inspiration. www.heatherlighton.com @heather_lighton_photography

Max Blackmore is an illustrator / graphic designer based in Melbourne. Lover of dogs, owns a dog and wants another dog. noscribbles.com @max_blackmore

Minna Leunig is a Melbourne based artist working primarily in black and white pigments to create playful, primal and earthy images inspired by the natural world. Her work is characterised by a wandering hand and an intuitive lyrical approach to aesthetics. www.minnaleunig.com @minnaleunig

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* * *  Special Program! * * * 

Dog Photog ‘L’artiste’ Pop Up.

Dog Photog Pops Up at Lamington Drive with an homage to Picasso and his best friend, sausage dog, ‘Lump’. Picasso described Lump as ‘not a dog, he’s a little man, he’s somebody else’. In the spirit of artists and their canine companions we will be dressing your dogs in Breton stripes, bright red neckerchiefs and felt berets. Every dog is in artist!


Dog Photog Pop Up Will be open for bookings via www.dogphotogstudios.com


—  Thu Nov 23, 3-6

—  Fri Nov 24, 3-6

—  Sat Nov 25, 12-5

—  Mon Nov 27, 3-6

$45 per dog. Includes session and a screen res jpg of your choice. Fine art prints will be available to order.

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