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Clemens Habicht

Make Piece

22 September — 13 October 2018

Lamington Drive is pleased to present Make Piece, a three part show of puzzles, more puzzles and a public puzzle solving tournament! The first element in this venn-diagram-of-a-show, features Clemens Habicht’s newest entry into his Colour Puzzle range, the 1000 Colours Wheel. It also sees the launch of the new Jacky Winter Signature Edition puzzles, featuring artworks by Kate Banazi, Marc Martin and Karan Singh. Rounding out the exhibition is Habicht’s PUZZLED FACES, an illustrative exercise in collaged puzzle artworks. Large solving areas will be set up for visitor participation and play during the week, with a public puzzle solving tournament happening on each Saturday for the duration of the show.

Clemens Habicht’s Colour Puzzles
There are 7 puzzles in the Clemens Habicht Colours Puzzle collection co-produced by yours truly, Lamington Drive Editions. Our first and our very best seller is the 1000 Colours Puzzle — from that Clemens has designed the 100 and 5000 Colours, 1000 Halftone, 1000 Vibrating and 1000 Changing Colours — and now the 1000 Colours Wheel. Our first circular puzzle!

The 1000 Colours Wheel is a CMYK colour puzzle based on colour theory. The hues are arranged in a circle with the greatest saturation around the edge, and the tints of least saturation at the centre. This organisation of colours in a circle demonstrates colour schemes such as complementary and triadic, as strict geometric spatial patterns that create different harmonic relationships.

Jacky Winter Signature Edition Puzzles
Our newest collection of puzzles and first foray outside of Clemens’ Colour Series. Each signature edition puzzle features artwork from three incredible artists indicative of their own unique styles. Packaged in a unique octagonal box, each finished puzzle forms a perfect circle which makes for a striking piece of wall art, or simply to stow on the shelf for repeat play.

Karan Singh is a multidisciplinary artist from Sydney. His distinct work is a contemporary and playful reinterpretation of the op-art movement, merged with the bold compositions, colours and sensibilities of mid-century graphic design. His art lives in prints, music videos, sculpture, augmented reality installations, and now this puzzle.

Kate Banazi is a London born artist, living in Sydney. Concentrating on the art of silk screen printing — her work is experimental, intuitive and often playful. With bold layering of colour alongside linear grid structures and hand drawn forms, she connects to her Indian heritage and the traditional characteristics of abstract in pattern.

Marc Martin is an award-winning artist, illustrator and author from Melbourne. Working with watercolour, gouache, pencil and computer, his work is a world of dense colour, rich textures and the odd scribble. He is the author and illustrator of numerous picture books, including A Forest, A River, and Everything & Everywhere.

With Clemens at the helm as creative director, each artwork is specially conceived with puzzling in mind. They are manufactured in Germany by world renowned puzzle specialists and printed on specialty linen-embossed paper via handmade dies that feature ‘soft click’ technology — individual pieces are so precisely punched that you hear a soft ‘click’ when they fit together.

PUZZLED FACES is a a series of portraits, each built out of a single vintage jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces. The faces were drawn out of landscapes by imagining loose recognitions of facial features. By wilfully ignoring the correct placement of tiles as dictated by the puzzle fit, a second visual read is made possible by effectively forcing the puzzle pieces together incorrectly. Puzzled Faces follows on from Clemens’ two previous solo exhibitions at Lamington Drive, 100 KITES (2009) and 100 FACES (2014).

Two person teams for the first three heats, four teams per heat. The wining teams from heats 1–3 will receive a 1000 Colours Puzzle (choose between the original, Halftone and Vibrating) and a spot in the Grand Final to win eternal glory and your choice of a 5000 Colours Puzzle or 1000 Changing Colours Puzzle

     Sat Sep 22 – Heat 1,
      1000 Colours Puzzle, 12:30pm start

     Sat Sep 29 – Heat 2,
      1000 Colours Puzzle, 12:30pm start

     Sat Oct 6 – Heat 3,
      1000 Colours Puzzle, 12:30pm start

     Sat Oct 13 – Grand Final,
      1000 Vibrating Colours Puzzle, 12:30pm start

Bookings essential, first in best dressed! Email info@lamingtondrive.com for more info and to register your interest!

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