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Niels Oeltjen

Making Doo

19 September — 11 October 2008

We are all just ‘making-do’.

This exhibition is the result of an artistic journey spanning two years. The foundation of this show is experiences Niels & his wife gained while travelling through Eastern Europe in 2005, and the cultural and visual impressions acquired and recorded at that time.

The exhibition title is a literal play – referring to building (making), working (do), and of course ‘getting by’. It also encapsulates Niels’ philosophy on the materials he uses in his art. He is not above scavenging the things he needs. Niels uses artefacts reclaimed from the piles of the old, broken, discarded and unwanted. Recycled materials are used because of the appreciation of the the history they wear in every scratch, scuff, and broken bit, and Niels wants to add to that history.

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