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Evie Cahir

Market Fan Club

20 June — 7 July 2018

Market Fan Club is a suite of radiant and joyful large-scale paintings by emerging Melbourne artist Evie Cahir. Inspired by daily trips to the Queen Victoria Market, these crops of fruit and vegetables capture the shifting intensities of the sun and seasons. The largest works created by Cahir to date successfully balance a bold and meticulous application, seen in the delicate fruit stems and textural detail alongside gutsy gestural sweeps of paint. Market Fan Club champions the shapes, colours, sounds and smells of the maketplace. 

The benefits of joining Market Fan Club are extensive and include but are not limited to:
○ Certainty of free-play and fun

○ Ability to confidently engage in a game of light and shadow appreciation
○ Social camaraderie with others in club
○ Develop life-long friendships with seasonal fruit and vegetables
○ Achieve a sense of belonging and opportunity to contribute to national and international Market Fan Clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of joining?
Everything starts with looking and walking. Consider every trip out to get a hot coff, a single pear or a vital rehydration-station to be an exploratory expedition. 

Is there a waiting period? 
No, new members can join instantly. All you will need is an intuitive tendency to find aesthetic quality and humour in objects designed for consumption. An interest in sunshine, wide variety of smells and sense of child-like wonder is a bonus. 

Do I have to reach a certain standard of play to become a member?  
No, the level of free-play to reach, maintain and exceed is self-initiated. Ongoing in-jokes with yourself, non-sensical word association games [competitive or private] are a great way to start. Have fun with it!

What are the rules?
There are no rules. We simply ask that you pay your respects to the shiny persimmons, the soggy cardboard boxes, the scent of the hot jammy doughies, the Eggy-Boys, the Call and Response Team of the fruit merchants, the chaotic underbelly of the Deli, the shining beacon of hope that is the flower stand and the way the light bounces off the Jazz Apples. 

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