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Collingwood, Australia

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Kate Banazi


24 July — 15 August 2009

Kate Banazi’s ongoing series hand pulled silkscreen prints explore the brief moments before drifting off to sleep, the ebb and flow before neural shut-down.

It will be an exhibition of super saturated colour bombs that make, map and mark some of the maybe useful detritus in her head. Bringing to mind electrical impulses, nervous systems, old science fiction movies, Freud, elephant headed Gods and the best chicken curry her Nanna used to make.

Kate Banazi was born in London, where she enjoyed shortbread but became suspicious of nylon knitwear and snakes. She once made a pig suit for a Fatboy Slim video and served Jack Nicholson drinks. Now residing in sunny Sydney she likes to work with silkscreen, fabric, pencils, sharp knives, ink, paper and cake.

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