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Curated by Benja Harney


18 July — 11 August 2018

Lamington Drive is pleased to present PAPERSHRINE – a group exhibition showcasing a series of masks curated by renowned Sydney-based paper engineer Benja Harney and his Paperform team.

The collection features the works of both home-grown and international superstar creatives, personally handpicked to share their extraordinary skills by fashioning their pieces entirely out of paper.

The gallery space will be spiritually and visually transformed into an immersive shrine dedicated to paper with a focus on each artist’s personal expression of creativity and intrigue. The exhibition will climax with a large-scale Paperform installation casting the moment into a divination of mystical resonance.

Artists include:
Adam France (@france_pants) Netherlands
Alice Oehr (@aliceoehr) Australia
Andrew Dennis (@studiodennis) Australia
Beci Orpin (@beciorpin) Australia
Benja Harney (@paperform) Australia
Brolga (@brolga) Australia
Carla Uriarte (@cacarrracha) Australia
Cat Rabbit (@cat_rabbit) Australia
Christopher Cooper (@christophercooper) Australia
Craig & Karl (@craigandkarl) USA & UK
Danielle Karlikoff (@computa_hydrates) Australia
Elin Matilda (@_elinmatilda) Australia
Ellen Porteus (@ellenporteus) Australia
Elliott Routledge (@funskull) Australia
Esther Olsson (@estherolsson) Australia
Genevieve Harnett (@genevieveorange) Japan
Georgia Perry (@gpez) Australia
Gunjan Aylawadi (@gunjanay) Australia
Hattie Newman (@hattienewman) UK
James Gulliver Hancock (@gulliverhancock) Australia
Jennifer Tran (@papetal) Australia
Joel Moore (@mulgatheartist) Australia
Jordan Debney (@jordandebney) Australia
Kate Banazi (@katebanazi) Australia
Kate Rohde (@katerohde) Australia
Kelly Thompson (@kellythompsoncreative) Australia
Kenny Son (@studiokyss) Australia
Kitya Palaskas (@kitiyapalaskas) Australia
Kyle Bean (@kylejbean) UK
Lara Chan-Baker (lara_highres.tiff) Australia
Lisa Dino (@elroseabel) Australia
Lisa la Pointe (@lisalapointe) Australia
Lucas Grogan (@xlucasgrogan) Australia
Magda Ksiesak (@okaykiosk) Australia
Mel van Dartel (@mcvd) Australia
Nadia Hernández (@nando_nandez) Australia
Sandy Lee (@ashionglee) Indonesia
Sha’an d’Anthes (@furrylittlepeach) Australia
Simon Leah (@simonleah) Australia
Spencer Harrison (@spenceroni) Australia
Tané Andrews (@taneandrews) Australia
Wade Jeffree (@wadejeffree) USA

‘Papershrine’ group show

Opening Wednesday July 18, 6—9pm
Exhibition runs July 19—August 11, 2018

Photography by  Christopher Morris  /@christophermorrisphoto

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