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Sonny Day (W$YK)


20 November — 13 December 2014

To speak of artist Sonny Day without mentioning his wife and creative partner Biddy Maroney is evil. Day and Maroney (or We Buy Your Kids as the art world knows them best) create work of such visceral integrity that it cuts deep and artfully defines the project – whether that be a film, music, or a brand – that they’ve been tasked with visualising.

Underneath the humour and fright of their work rests a genuine heart beating bright with hypnotic wealth. In Day and Maroney’s work there is always something completely honest and beautiful, and now with his latest solo outing Day moves into the darkness.

When he revealed ‘Pink Fist’ at the sketch level it was like a peek into his own personal death-soaked myths. Just as in his work with We Buy Your Kids, Day doesn’t stray from that concept of dissolution, of revealing the emotional core that keeps mankind tethered to itself. If a skeleton is the removal of flesh, in this exhibit Day exposes what’s left once those bones are gone.

His drawings approach an artistic event horizon – at the point at which you cannot turn back, you’re drawn inside the coil of Day’s manic internal tides.

Words by Chris Jalufka.


Join us on opening night, Thursday November 20, from 6-9pm, for a reception with the artist! 

Exhibition continues until December 13.


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