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Esther Olsson


1 March — 26 March 2017

Lamington Drive is pleased to present, Rope-A-Dope, a solo show by Melbourne-based emerging artist, Esther Olsson.

Rope-A-Dope refers to a boxing tactic of being trapped against the ropes, allowing the opponent to throw tiring punches while the ropes take most of the force.

For Esther, Rope-a-dope is also a life tactic of absorbing and processing situations before attacking them. Sometimes you need to sit back and take a few blows from the universe, before finding the strength to stand back up and fight your best fight.

Inspired and empowered by this concept, the show consists of diary entry-style images that reflect on themes of fighting back, having a cry, fearing confrontation, and her personal representation of power.

The show comprises original paintings of gouache on paper as well as acrylic on hand-cut plywood. Esther’s style incorporates the grid system and references to popular culture – in particular hip-hop sensibilities and dispositions.

Reoccurring symbols in her work include deadly animals, sports, the female anatomy, plants and physical emotions.

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