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Lilly Piri

The Finch
and The Flower

4 December — 23 December 2008

“‘The Finch and the Flower’ is a collection of my work from the past few years. It was inspired by strange dreams, living in Germany, the anticipation of summer, memories of Australia, growing vegetables for the first time, antique toys, Greek myths, flowers, art and natural history museums, animals, insects, German fairytales, and letters from my family and friends.

My drawings are a reflection of my surroundings, wishes, ideas and interests, and my three main muses are stories, flora and fauna. The orchids in ‘orchid’ are ones I saw while staying in Dresden. The finches were inspired by childhood pet finches, and finches I saw in petshops, bird shows and stamps. I send letters home quite a lot and have been collecting stamps since childhood. The fiery planes have been a recurring element of my drawings since hearing a song by Hey Mercedes and perhaps, just a tiny bit, since September 11. ‘Simpleton and the Queen bee’ is about a Grimms’ story I read on a couch in Zürich. Simpleton (or ‘Dummling’ in German and earlier english versions) is a simple man who stands up to save insects and other animals from his brothers’ maliciousness and in the end is rewarded by the animals for his kindness.

Most of my artwork is made with colour pencils. I keep my pencils well sharpened and shade layers of colour, which is how I create the soft look in the drawings. It can sometimes be a very slow process: generally, if there is more colour in a drawing, then it took longer to make. Sometimes for larger works, I use Acrylics which can be seen in the painting ‘Simpleton and the Queen bee’. Lately I have begun to work with oils, trying out the old masters’ method of first making a greyscale painting and then glazing with colour. The bird sculptures are paper clay, paint and wire”. – Lilly Piri

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