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Jon Paton

The Garden

15 October — 1 November 2008

In his latest series of prints by Jon Paton is inspired by Japanese and traditional American tattoo art and gothic imagery. Using images of skulls, snakes, birds and flowers Jon transports these creatures into settings of Japanese gardens and waterfalls. These brooding works are raw and engaging, offering a contemporary lilt to traditional methods and imagery.

‘This tattoo and japanese imagery influences me because of the dynamic movement, bold graphics and colour, and “loaded” symbolism within. Also because of the evocative nature of these creatures as they have many different personalities, guises and meanings.’ –Jon Paton 2008

There is a charming tension between the passive and powerful elements appearing in ‘The Garden’. Snakes are linked with cats and flowers adorn deathly skulls. The bold effect of the woodblock printing is married with sophisticated and subtle colour combinations. This juxtaposition can also often be seen in traditional tattooing where burly blokes are adorned with ornate imagery.

The process of making a print starts with an initial line drawing which is then re-drawn many times onto the woodblock. It is then carved out by hand by using fine chisels, ink is then rolled onto the woodblock, paper is laid down and put through an etching press. This laborious process is very hands on and much like tattooing, mistakes can not be made…or they must be worn! Works from ‘The Garden’ have no sense of erasure because once the wood is cut, its cut. These prints reveal the earthy grain of the timber and map the confident movement of the artists hand.

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