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Kat Macleod

The Tiniest

7 November — 29 November 2008

Lamington Drive welcomes the historic and first Kat Macleod exhibition, The Tiniest Spark, a collection of drawings and prints.

“Kat is not only a beauty hunter, but a grand experimenter, and her great power is this connection and faith she has in/with her unconscious mind. As Bjork so beautifully sings in her song Isobel “In a forest pitch dark, glowed the tiniest spark, it burst into a flame…” Perhaps these words more than any other describe Kat’s process so beautifully; she seeks out a tiny little spark of life, pencils or some how sticks it down, and when people see it, they feel like they are remembering a very important dream they once had”. – Musician, Clare Bowditch

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