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Oslo Davis

This Annoying

20 November — 23 December 2009

Hurrah! Angst returns to the gallery walls!

The Jacky Winter Group is excited to present Oslo Davis’ This Annoying Life, the first major solo exhibition of new and used cartoons and drawings by the artist, at Lamington Drive, this November.

This Annoying Life will feature original drawings, many of which have appeared in The Age, alongside high quality prints, rarely-seen sketches and a healthy slew of occasionally funny cartoons, all laced with the bitter bile of modern angst.

Oslo Davis’ Overheard has been running in the Sunday Age for just over two years, and some of his classics will be in this show. Similarly, cartoons done for Meanjin, the Sleepers Almanacs and Tango will make an appearance, including the original artwork for a specially-commissioned graphic novella for Going Down Swinging.

Often drawing on the minutiae of daily existence, Oslo Davis’ reminds us of the dumb stuff that fills our lives (like how we always seem to catch the same MASH Christmas special on TV each year) and makes life frustrating (like shopping with your spouse). Oslo’s cartoons, often rendered in simple black line, are inspired by the New Yorker’s cartoonist, and go for the silliness of Shaun Micallef, mixed with the angst of Larry David.

This Annoying Life will also feature sketches and cartoons dredged from Oslo’s drawing stockpiles that are yet to see the light of day, including sketchbook doodlings, rejected cartoons and fully formed gag drawings that he’s never know what to do with, thus offering a ‘behind-the-scenes’ peek at the creative process and the artist’s interest in every people going about their business.

Oslo Davis’ work has appeared in The New York Times, The Age and Business Week magazine, as well as in various local journals including Meanjin, the Sleepers Almanac, Tango, Going Down Swinging and Torpedo. He draws a weekly cartoon in The Sunday Age called Overheard and a cartoon for Bicycle Victoria’s Ride On magazine. Oslo has just started drawing a cartoon for the Readings Monthly.

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