05 Aug 14

Upcoming – Sketchbook by Ben Montero

We’re please to present Sketchbook, the first solo exhibition of work by Melbourne based illustrator and musician, Ben Montero.

For the first time Ben Montero is taking his art out of the music scene it’s inspired by and into the outside world. An artist and musician with over 20 years experience in the music industry, Montero’s work is inspired equally by a love and loathing for pop music culture, past and present.

Influenced by 1960s psychedelia, pop art, vintage underground comics and children’s book illustrations, Montero’s work is a visually striking mix of optimism and disenchantment. Alongside his commissioned work for various publications including Vice and Desktop, international music artists including Kurt Vile and Pond, Ben will display personal illustrations – quickly drawn treasures that reveal a twisted humour and childlike sincerity as well as frustrated personal and social insights.

Taking these sentiments further, his series of posters for his own musical outfit Montero, boldly blur the lines between music promotion and self-revealing confessionals that expose the artist and musician’s own insecurities and paranoia, along with sly digs and antagonistic attacks on record label executives, indie music fashions and bedroom beat makers.

All welcome!

Love LD

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